MTV Roadies is one of the most popular youth reality show in India. It has been on air since 2003, and its craze and popularity are massive amongst youngsters. The format of the game is so interesting, and it’s designed in such a way as to test the physical and mental strength of an individual. Many participants successfully passed every challenge by doing every task and they emerged as MTV Roadies winners. 

The tasks and the politics both are quite interesting. Moreover, this show has given us many popular faces of our country, like Ayushman Khurana, Ranvijay Singh, Prince Narula and many more. For many people, Roadies is their ticket to fame and limelight. Till now, there have been 19 seasons that have given many inspiring winners. Let’s see where they are now and how Roadies has changed their lives.

Season 1 Roadies Winner – Ranvijay Singh

Roadies are incomplete without Ranvijay, and very few people actually know that he was the first name on the Roadies winner list. Today he is a big name in the entertainment industry and has previously hosted and judged many seasons of Roadies.

Ranvijay Singh in Taur Mitran Di Movie

Roadies has changed his life completely, and youth see him as an inspiration. He is now an actor, presenter and host. Recently he was seen in the Netflix series Mismatched and is also hosting Splitsvilla and other MTV shows. However, Roadies is something that has completely changed the fate of Ranvijay Singh.

Season 2 Roadies Winner – Ayushmann Khurrana

Now, who doesn’t know Ayushmann Khurrana? One of the biggest Bollywood stars, he has also started his career with Roadies and is also a winner of Roadies season 2. The initial season of Roadoes was not as popular. Thus, many people don’t remember watching Ayushmann Khurana in Roadies.

Ayushmann Khuranna in Vicky Donar

Ayushman has also mentioned in an interview that before Vicky Donor, he has actually been a sperm donor during a task in roadies. This is why the script of Vicky Donor was not very surprising for him as he has experienced this during a task of Roadies.

However, after winning Roadies, he hosted many MTV shows and then eventually got his big break into Bollywood with Vicky Donor. Now he is one of the Megastars of Bollywood.

Season 3 Roadies Winner – Parul Shahi

Parul Shahi was the first woman to win the Roadies. She auditioned and got selected from Delhi. Before her, people used to think that only boys could win as its a show about physical strength. However, she broke the stereotype and displayed great strength.

Moreover, She won the Price money of 3,60,000 INR in the year 2005. Her journey was really a memorable one. However, today she is not active on social media.

Season 4 Roadies Winner – Anthony Yeh

Anthony Yeh was basically from Kolkata, and he was the Roadies 4 winner. He played a really great game and won the Price money of 3,75,500 INR in the year 2006. 

However, after the show, he decided to stay away from the limelight. Thus, after Roadies season 4, he was never seen on TV or any other social media. He wanted to keep his life private and changed the path of his career after Roadies.

Season 5 Roadies Winner – Ashutosh Kaushik

Season 5 was the first season of Roadies which was shot outside India in a foreign country. Ashutosh Kaushik was the winner of this season, and this is when Roadies became a household name. After this season, Roadies gain a massive amount of popularity, especially among the youth.

Ashutosh Kaushik
Source: Instagram

Ashutosh won 2,30,000 INR as the prize money from the show. After winning this season, Ashutosh started his career in the modelling and acting industry in Mumbai. Finally, he made his debut on the big screen with the movie Zila Ghaziabad.

Season 6 Roadies Winner – Nauman Sait

Nauman Sait was the winner of roadies Season 6: Hell Down Under. He was already a popular name in his hometown as he was into cricket and fitness. However, after winning Roadies Season 6, his popularity boosted massively.

Source: Arjun rebel

This season was one of the most popular seasons, and it was shot in the USA. Nauman Sait had a great journey this season. He got really popular because of his charming looks. Now he is into business and also a fitness trainer in the USA.

During his journey on Roadies, he also had a love angle in the show. Even after winning the roadies, Nauman and his twin Salman were seen on TV, but then they changed the path of their careers, and now he is a businessman.

Season 7 Roadies Winner – Anwar Syed

Season 7 of Roadies was a special season, and it was shot in three different locations. Anwar Syed was the winner of season 7 and got 90,000 INR as the prize money. He was an MBA graduate, but after winning the title of Roadies winner, he couldn’t hold the limelight and fame.

Anwar Syed

This is why after the show, he never appeared on any other platform. He decided to stay away from the limelight.

Season 8 Roadies Winner – Aanchal Khurana

Aanchal Khurana was the second female to become one of the Roadies winners. She won the prize money of 4,00,000 INR, and her journey was full of ups and downs. However, she rises above as a winner.

Aanchal Khurrana
Source: Instagram

Moreover, after winning season 8 of Roadies, Aanchal decided to pursue her career in modeling and acting. She has a great following on social media and is often seen in many television serials. Roadies has definitely paved the way to fame for Aanchal Khurana.

Season 9 Roadies Winner – Vikas Khoker

Vikas Khoker was one of the most controversial contests of Roadies and also the winner of season 9. He got into a lot of trouble during his journey on the show, but eventually, he rose above all as a winner. Moreover, he won the amount of 6,17,000 INR as the prize money.

vikas Khoker
Source: Instagram

After winning season 9 of the show, he wanted to pursue his career as an actor, but luck didn’t favour him. Now he is running his own business in multiple cities in India.

Season 10 Roadies Winner – Palak Johal

Another female Roadies winner from season 10: Battle for Glory was Palak Johal. She was one of the most popular Roadies contestants, and her journey was really memorable. Palak was very outspoken, which is why she got into many fights during her journey on the show.

Palak Johal
Source: Instagram

She won 4,50,000 INR as the prize money from season 10. After winning the show, she made controversy by saying that the show was scripted. Moreover, she was also featured in a few music videos after winning the show.

Season 11 Roadies Winner – Nikhil Sachdeva

Nikhil Sachdeva was the winner of Roadies X1: Ride for Respect, and he won 3,20,000 INR as the prize money from the show. After coming into the show, he was battling with weight issues. He fought his battle and came across as a winner.

Nikhil Sachdeva
Source: Instagram

After winning Roadies, he has been featured in other reality shows as well. However, now he is a fitness trainer, singer, tattoo artist and lyricist. He is doing great in his career and is often invited to many events to perform. People still recognise him as the winner of Roadies X1: Ride for Respect.

Roadies x2 Winner – Prince Narula

For Price Narula, winning Roadies was his ticket to fame and success. Moreover, he not only won Season 12 of Roadies, but after this, he won Splitsvialla, Bigg Boss and NachBaliye too. Now he is a judge on Roadies, and many youngsters see him as an inspiration. Among all Roadies winners, he has set a unique identity by establishing herself rapidly in the entertainment world. 

Prince Narula in Todh Song

Prince won the amount of 5,00,000 INR as the prize money. Winning Roadies completely changed the fate of Price Narula’s life. 

Now he is among the judges or the gang leader on the show and is also doing well in his professional career as an actor.

Season 14 Roadies Winner – Balraj Khera

Balraj Singh Khera was the winner of Roadies X4: Your Gang, Your Glory, and he won Renault Duster as the Prize. He wanted to pursue his career in acting after winning the show. However, luck didn’t favour him much, and he didn’t make it big in the acting industry.

He was never seen on screen after the show and stayed away from the limelight. However, his journey was really inspiring.

Season 15 Roadies Winner – Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta became an internet sensation after winning season 15 of Roadies. She won Renault Duster as the prize from the show. She was an inspiration for other Roadies Rising contestants, especially females, out there.

That’s because she displayed her passion for fitness on the show. Shweta was no less than any guy, and audiences were amazed to see her strength.

Shweta Mehta
Source: Instagram

Moreover, in her auditions, she lifted Harbhajan Singh on her shoulder. Now Shweta is an Actor, Athlete and Entrepreneur. The Roadies Rising winner has a massive following on her social media as she keeps on posting her videos on fitness. In an interview, she shared her memory of watching the show for the first time. 

Roadies Season 16 Winner –  Kashish Thakur Pundir

Kashish Thalur was one of the popular contestants of the show and also the Roadies Xtreme winner. And he also won Renault Duster as the prize. As a gesture, he brought his car to his home and gifted it to his parents warmly. 

He is also an MMA expert, and his journey on the show was full of Drama. He was initially a member of Prince’s gang, but towards the end of the show, Neha gets an opportunity to get him into her gang.

Kashish Mukesh Pundir
Source: Instagram

This was very controversial as he wanted to stay in Price’s gang. However, he won as a gang member of Neha’s gang. Of all Roadies winners, he has progressed a lot after winning the crown. Now he is an actor, dancer and athlete.

Moreover, he is also a social media influencer and has a significant amount of followers on his social media. Kashish was also a part of MTV Splitsvilla.

Season 17 Roadies Winner – Arun Sharma

Arun Sharma was the winner of Roadies Real Heroes and he was from Raftaar’s gang. He competed with all contestants extremely well and it helped him win the Droom Superbike as the winning prize. This season was unique as this season has some real heroes as well.  After winning season 17 of Roadies, Arun Sharma started her career in acting and modeling.

Arun Sharma
Source: Instagram

Recently, he has been a part of an OTT series on Hotstar, and he is also a social media influencer and a host as well. He is doing great in his professional career.

Season 18 Roadies Revolution Winner – Hamid Barkzi

Hamid Barkzi was one of the most popular and best-performing Roadies Revolution contestants. He was from Nikhil’s gang and also won Jawa Bike as a winning prize. He faced so many challenges throughout his journey on the show and rose above all as a winner.

Hamid Barkzi
Source: Instagram

Hamid has one of the most memorable journeys on the show. His approach to different tasks on the show separated him from other Roadies season 18 contestants. 

Currently, he is doing great in his career, and he has also emerged as a social media influencer. Roadies gave him the opportunity to get fame and success at such a young age. As per the latest updates, the MTV Roadies season 18 winner has turned host for the Roadies 19 season.

Roadies Season 19 Winner – Ashish Bhatia and Nandini

For the first time, there were two Roadies winners namely, Ashish Bhatia and Nandini. Other than the winner of Roadies Journey in South Africa, the runners-ups were Kevin Almasifar-Moose Jattana, Yukti Arora-Jaswanth Bopanna & Gaurav Alugh-Simi Talsania.

The Roadies 2022 winner duo faced lots of challenges to complete challenges in four stages. It was their strong spirit that helped them overcome twists & turns and other challenges seamlessly.


So, this is the complete Roadies all season winner list for you. I will update the list when more Roadies winners surface from the new seasons. Till then, keep visiting BOTY to get the latest updates about the box office.

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