Besides their work and relationships, the celebrities are also known for their fitness craze. While going to gym is one of the most common routine among the most of these celebrities to stay fit, it is not the only way.

Some of the celebs resort to food and liquid diets to maintain their health, while others take up various outdoor activities to stay fit. This makes them sweat badly and at the same time, let them stay healthy. And remember, these activities are a much better way to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle as compared to the dieting.

So, if you also wish to follow your celebs and enjoy some amazing outdoor activities, we have just the right list for you.


If you have ever held a rifle or pistol, or enjoyed such games in some festival fair, then you are definitely going to love this sport. Crossbow shooting is a target sport, which are perfect for the beginners as well.

Initially, you will go through a practice session, post which you will enter the competition. You would be required to hit the ringed targets and aim for the medal. This is one of the best sports for team building programs, as well as develop competitive skills. You can check the ratings for crossbows before you decide to step into the field.


This is another amazing sport that is full of adventure. Hiking also helps you stay in shape and have a healthy running heart. When the spring season makes its onset, that is the best time to gather your friends and go on a hiking trail. This is also great for mind and body. Added advantages:

  • You burn a lot of calories (approx 400 in 1 hr).
  • Your butt muscles are worked up, which helps them get in shape.
  • This is also great for an abs exercise.


Do I even have to speak a thing about cycling?

There are just so many benefits of this sport that you will feel energized and much more younger if you make cycling a part of your routine. Swap your car travel with a cycle, and watch an amazing change in your lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Many celebrities and CrossFit athletes use weight vest training to increase their strength and endurance during their workouts.

For an ideal course, you can combine cycling with other short exercises to give your complete body a nice workout. You can try out the combination of cycling, climbing, jumping, squats, and so on. Take on this 1 hr long routine and lead a healthy life.

First Published on: 20:20 pm - 22, Aug 2018
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