Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus Padmaavat is undoubtedly doing superb after breaking all the barriers. Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh & Shahid Kapoor worked really hard to transform themselves into the skin of their respective roles. Thankfully the film got a release date after so many severe protests & their diligence paid off.

Commendable endeavor

Padmaavat not only glorifies the character of a woman with elegance, also the male characters have got the chance to show all the shadows. While Shahid Kapoor essayed the character of a King, Ranveer Singh portrayed a completely opposite character defining the grey shades. The actors revealed that they had to work restlessly to fit in the roles properly. They even underwent major amendments to make the characters look more real.

Ranveer Singh added that he had to transform himself not only from outside but also from inside. Just to fit in the dark character of Khilji, the actor altered himself internally which takes a lot of guts. On the other hand, Shahid was initially in doubt. From the starting, he knew about his underrated role in this film. But he nodded to the director even before hearing the complete script. It was a great risk for him.

Khilji’s role is loved more than King’s role

The audience loved the dark character of Khilji more as compared to the performance of Shahid Kapoor as a King. The role of the King is lesser than that of Khilji, this might be one of the reasons to put Ranveer’s character over Shahid’s role.

Shahid Kapoor even had to face some criticisms regarding his acting skills. But he replied generously that Ranveer’s role is completely opposite from his role. Everybody has performed their part giving their best. If he had been offered the role of Khilji, he would have played that too. No doubt everyone is loving Khilji’s performance more, this doesn’t imply that Shahid’s role is not appreciatable. He has portrayed Maharawal Ratan Singh as a warrior.

First Published on: 12:47 pm - 5, Feb 2018
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