Pathaan has been doing a remarkable job at the box office. What makes it important is it is in the fifth week and not ready to slow down. SRK’s film has already crossed the mark of ₹500 crores and it is still going strong in the theaters.

Apart from its strong run, the poor performances of other films are also helping the film sail smoothly. Let’s discuss the expected value of Pathaan’s 5th Tuesday collection here.

Also, I will highlight the box office journey of the holdover release “Selfiee” in this post. So, let’s begin the discussion without any further ado.

Pathaan Sails Smoothly in the Fifth Week

SRK’s action-spy thriller, Pathaan, has given a sign of relief to Bollywood. The film has become the 25th Blockbuster film in the history of the Hindi film industry. Even if surpassing the milestone of ₹500 crores, Pathaan is flawless in its performance.

Shahrukh Khan in Pathaan

It is evident from its strong performance over the fifth weekend. Rarely do we see movies earning a good amount of money in the fifth week. But Pathaan has proved its mettle quite well. Here is the fifth-weekend collection of the film:

  • Friday – ₹1.02 crores
  • Saturday – ₹1.98 crores
  • Sunday – ₹2.45 crores

Clearly, it has collected ₹5.45 crores over the 5th weekend. And it also earned well on its fifth Monday taking its total value to over ₹508 crores.

Pathaan Movie Still

Now, keeping in mind the current progress of the film, Pathaan’s 5th Tuesday collection is expected to be around ₹80-90 lakhs. It will get benefit from the poor performance of other films at the box office.

Basically, Pathaan gets an extended run since there is no new release this Friday. Also, there is a Holi holiday that will further compensate for the competition from the new releases during this Holiday period.

Overall, it would not be a wrong judgement that Pathaan would settle in the range of ₹518-520 crores at the end o fits box office run. Indeed, this is a very good collection and it marks the perfect comeback for Shah Rukh Khan.

Selfiee Tuesday Collection is Poor

Akshay Kumar’s Selfiee failed to attract the audience to the theatres over its first weekend. And the story isn’t different for the film on the weekdays. Just like its first three days, it fared poorly on Monday and there isn’t any hope for the film on Tuesday.

So, it is highly likely that Selfiee’s 5th day collection would be on similar lines as that of Monday. Even if it shows some jump, it is not going to help the film in any way.

Thus, it is another flop that Bollywood has seen in the post-pandemic period. Just a collection of ₹10.30 crores in the first three days of its release won’t make it count in the category of good films.

Sadly, there are more films to release like this and it is frightening to imagine if they also walk in the footsteps of Selfiee. The bottom line is that in order for a film to be successful, it needs to have very good content. And that’s what Pathaan has. So, filmmakers should learn to create a balanced films like this one for tasting success in the theatres.

First Published on: 14:03 pm - 28, Feb 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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