Shreyas Talpade directed Poster Boys released this Friday. It showed a comeback of Deol Brothers after their last release together, Yamla Pagla Deewana 2. Hence, quite obviously, the movie minted a lot of attention and became the most awaited film of this month. Deol brothers are highly famous in Northern regions of India. Hence more the hype. But the movie received very mixed reviews from most of the critics.

Reviews by all leading critics of Industry

According to Shubhra from Indian Express, the movie is a sorry mess. It could have performed better in the hands of a skilled director. Because it requires a high degree of skills to create comedy out of a supposed impairment of nether regions. Even Sunny Deol‘s famous punches could not save the movie. According to her, it made the audience feel the urge of fleeing from the theatres.

On the other hand, Renuka from Times of India loved the movie very much. According to her, even being a debut directorial film of Shreyas Talpade, he did not put much efforts to make his character sound funny. All were just the normal people who got caught up in an uncommon situation. The movie is a light hearted fun and cleverly deals with the common problem that males in our nation face.

According to Rohit from Hindustan Times, the movie manages to make you laugh despite its stupid puns and crass comedy at some places. He suggests people to go and watch the movie only with a free mind. The movie is a silly humor, but it has no pretension.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the movie definitely makes for an entertainment. The fun element in the movie never stops. Overall, the movie manages to leave a neat social message, at the same time tickles your bones to no extent. He expects the positive word of mouth to bring more business to the movie.

BOTY would suggest you to go and watch this movie if you are up for some healthy laugh.

First Published on: 12:34 pm - 9, Sep 2017
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