Promoting your music and your playlists on Spotify can really help you make it and get your music out there – here are some tips to use playlists to do this.

Promotion Services On Spotify

When it comes to pitching your tracks to independent playlist curators, there are reputable services you can consider. A good number promise you a given amount of playlist streams or adds. Legitimate ones use the method I outlined above to achieve this. However, a large number of them do not pitch your tracks to curators. They actually purchase the accounts after contacting the playlists’ original owners. This gives them control over the accounts, where they can include music from their paying clients. By making the choice to buy Spotify followers from SMVT  you can push things forward.

Direct relationships with recognized Spotify curators exist with only a few of these services. These services also don’t pitch to the playlists owned by major labels including Universal’s Topsify, Warner’s Digster and Sony’s Filtr. The curators of these label owned playlists almost exclusively include content owned and distributed by Universal, Warner, and Sony respectively.

A number of these paid services can assist you to generate genuine followers and organic plays because they have value. They are genuine. However, since these playlists are curated on the basis of money, instead of using tracks that sound great and flow well together, I consider them to be of low quality. As such, when it comes to a return on investment, these service-owned playlists perform poorly. Earning back your money through streaming royalties will certainly be unlikely. However, they do attract new fans as they kick start the algorithm.

Tread carefully. Find out what to expect, the duration you will be pitching playlists, the duration you will remain in a playlist, as well as an estimate of the number of plays you stand to get.

Dated Playlists

You might find a playlist that looks great and comes with 50,000 followers, when searching for playlists. Take the time to sort the track list by date. You can do this by selecting the calendar icon located on the track list’s top right side. It’s not worthwhile for you to track down and submit a curator who has not added any tracks to the list over the last few months.

Curator Services List

IndieMono, SoundPlate and Listed among others are some of the main curator services available. Some curator services do not come up on a Google Search; these are also included in my list.

Playlist Exchange On Spotify

To search for playlists to submit for, click the genre bubbles. Alternatively, you can post your own playlist by pressing the “Start a Topic” button. Head over to Spotify’s Playlist Exchange.

Check Out Reddit

You can find a minute by minute feed of playlist action on Reddit. You can search for submission forms, curators and specific playlists using the search bar on reddit. I rate the Reddit search engine lower than Google’s.

Avoid Buying Spotify Playlists That Are Not Genuine

Packages of fake streams are sold by unscrupulous companies referred to as click centers. Avoid buying these. In addition to the fact that it’s against Spotify’s policy, it’s simply not worth it to risk your standing with one of the largest music streaming services in the world.

First Published on: 23:37 pm - 30, Aug 2018
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