Irrfan Khan and Parvathy starrer film Qarib Qarib Singlle has released today at the box office. It created a lot of buzz because of its trailer and songs before its release. The film is released at the time when the holdover releases are doing well at the box office so it is going to face a stiff competition from them. Let’s have a look at the reviews it has received from all the leading critics of the Bollywood.

Movie Review

According to Times of India, “the director has chosen appropriate actors for the film as lesser skilled actors wouldn’t be suitable for this film. The cinematography in the film is very good as there are no over-dramatic shots in the film. This is a good film that has the ability to indulge you completely in it till the end and you will come out of the theaters with a smiling face.”

According to Hindustan Times, “Qarib Qarib SInglle is a refreshingly sweet but mature love story. The charm and maturity of the story do not allow you to dwell too long on the important details missing. The romance in the film is presented in a novel and a realistic way which is rarely seen in a Bollywood film.”

According to NDTV, “the film hinges on a whimsical, occasionally witty but always a sedate construct. The work of the director of photography is awesome and does not just focus on the faces. The screenplay is neither whippy nor trippy. It breaks away from the norms and derives strength from understatement rather than flashy storytelling methods. The unhurried rhythm of the film is what makes you indulge completely in it.”

According to Bollywood Hungama, “the story is well written and the screenplay of the film is breezy and simple. The direction of the director is neat and clean and the film is completely different from intense films she has directed in the past. The dialogues of the film are very interesting and keep the film high. It goes at a slow pace and the hints are nicely inserted in the film.”

According to Indian Express,”it is a good romantic comedy film and the pace of the film is neither slow not fast. The writer has done a remarkable job in the film. The journey is filled with humorous content and dialogues of the film are simply remarkable.”

According to BOTY,”the direction of the film is unique and the unhurried storytelling is different from other Bollywood films. The screenplay and the dialogue writing is simply remarkable. It is a charmingly mature film and has the ability to entertain the audience till the end.”

First Published on: 12:11 pm - 10, Nov 2017
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