Ram Charan’s another mega movie Rangasthalam released in theatres today. Directed by Sukumar, this movie is one of the big budget projects of the actor. Samantha Akkineni will be seen opposite Ram Charan in this movie. The trailer of the movie received a lot of positive reviews, and hence the craze for the movie increased even more.

This movie is an action drama film, revolving around Chitti Babu, who is partially deaf. Other actors that form the part of this movie are Samantha Akkineni, Prakash Raj, Aadhi, and Brahmaji. Check out more about the movie here. Now, we will discuss some merits and demerits of Rangasthalam.


Once again, Ram Charan proved that he is the megastar of Tollywood. This is the first time he is playing an almost deaf village lad. His efforts to cover up his this disability and innocent behavior truly win his fans’ hearts. The way he eases in his character makes his performance commendable.

Samantha, however, fails to fit much in her character. Aadhi also was a little less convincing. However, Prakash Raj remained as excellent as ever. Overall, Ram Charan becomes the main focus of the movie. And together with Sukumar, he gives a blockbuster performance here.


The story is not much different from many other South Indian movies. However, the part where Ram plays a deaf lad is one unique element in such movie. The plot deals with his conflicts on which party to support and how to solve the arising troubles. The storyline is great and keeps people mostly engaged in its plot.


Sukumar tries his best to bring the atmosphere of the 80s. Every scene in this movie is cautiously shot in order to bring that era alive. The costumes and the body language of all the characters are also apt according to the 80s era. And this authenticity makes this movie stand out from the rest. Because of this, even the budget of the movie exceeded.

While the era is authentically created, the emotional elements in the movie lack proper direction. The 1st half of the movie sets the mood apt for the 2nd half. But after the break, movie seems to be dragged unnecessarily. The sentiment scenes are quite lengthy and hence become boring after a certain point. The climax of the movie comes as a relief.


The music of the film is composed by Devi Sri Prasad. All the songs come out as decent ones on the screen. The best one is Jigelu Raani, where Ram Charan’s amazing dance steps have become popular among his fans.

Overall, this movie is a great watch, since Ram Charan will be playing a unique character this time. And with this, Ram delivers a very stupendous performance. The movie seems a bit dragged, but other than this, the performance and the story are superb. And hence, it is an apt watch over the weekend.

First Published on: 10:42 am - 30, Mar 2018
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