The news is true that Salman Khan has finally ended collaboration with the management company Matrix and fired his manager Reshma Shetty. She has worked with Salman Khan for more than a decade, so what happened suddenly that made the popular Bollywood actor to take such decision?

We all know that Salman Khan is very close to his family and this is the first priority to him. But Reshma was not going in the right track and kept the family also in queue for dates. Sohail Khan is judging the comedy show ‘Chote Miya’ and sadly Salman Khan’s manager did not allot Salman’s date for this show. Thing got worse when Salman Khan got to know about this. He did not delay at all then to fire Reshma Shetty.

Kammal R Khan who is normally known to create controversy said that Reshma Shetty thought of running the entire Bollywood once but definitely, there will also be time while she will run behind Bollywood.

This man also tweeted many actors and actresses saying them to stay away from this lady otherwise their future will be ruined just like Aftab. He has also stated that Varun Dhawan too will take the similar decision like Salman Khan.

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