Sarkar 3 that is all set to hit the theater this May 12th might get delayed over the copyright issue. Narendra Hirawat & Co. Which is the copyright holder of more than 1300 movies is also the copyright holder of Sarkar. And they have filed a case against the maker of Sarkar movie stating the maker did not obtain their consent for the release of Sarkar 3 while they have also claimed that this movie is the remake of Sarkar.

A spokesperson from the production house of Sarkar 3 has stated that this claim by the copyright holder is not just distasteful rather it is also a false fact and against the law. They have also added that Sarkar is not a remake rather it is the sequel of Sarkar.

Sarkar was released in 2005 followed by which the second part Sarkar Raj was released in 2008. Narendra Hirawat & Co. has acquired the copyright of Sarkar in 2008 after the second part was released and they are in possession of all the prequel, sequel, and remake of this movie.

However, it is to see now if the issue get resolved soon and Amitabh Bachchan starring sarkar 3 get released on the scheduled date.

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