Biopic has become one of the best choices of the director and producers in Bollywood.  Numerous movies are being made on the biopic these days and most of them are receiving a positive result which is inspiring the directors and producers to walk on the same path. And now it is Sonu Sood who has already made an announcement to make a biopic on the badminton player PV Sindhu.

In a recent interview, the player PV Sindhu has stated that she would like to play the role herself if any film is made on her. But according to report, it is not PV Sindhu rather Deepika Padukone who might be approached for the biopic. And this is very natural that Deepika Padukone will be best suited to play the role of PV Sindhu as she is well versed with the game and is already a national level player.

However, the actress is busy these days for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati and there is no confirmation from her side. Anyways, Deepika and Sonu Sood are in good terms and they know each other very well after working together in the movie ‘Happy New Year’. So, this rumor is not surprising at all.

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