After a disastrous start on its maiden day, Selfie has put on some numbers but it isn’t effective. For a film with the presence of multiple stars, it is sad to witness such a low start. On the other hand, Pathaan has started its fifth week on a steady note as it collected a good amount on the fifth Friday.

How will Selfie’s 2nd day collection turn out? Well, this is a question that most people are asking at present. Let’s discuss this subject in detail. Also, let’s study how would Pathaan fare on its fifth Saturday. Read on!

Selfie Saturday Collection Is Not Impressive

Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi’s movie, Selfie, hasn’t managed to attract an audience on its first day. If I put it in numbers, it collected an amount of ₹2.55 crores. Now, all eyes are on its performance on the second day. How would it fare on Saturday?

Akshay Kumar in Selfie

Simply put, the first-day earning has written the story for the film at the box office. Now, even if it showed a good jump, it would not be able to collect a good amount. The truth is it is highly unlikely that it would see a big hike as the first impression of the film is very poor.

So, it is fair to assume that Selfie would earn around ₹3.50 crores on its second day. Not Good, huh? This is a common story of many Bollywood films post-pandemic.

And I talk about the first-weekend earning, it is expected to land around somewhat near ₹9 to 10 crores. Clearly, this is not going to work out for the film in theatres.

The sad thing is the film hasn’t been able to take the advantage of its perfect time of release. This week, there wasn’t any big competition at the box office so the film had a wonderful chance to perform well. But it didn’t happen and now the fate of the film is clear.

Pathaan’s Stronghold Continues on the 5th Saturday

SRK’s action-spy thriller film, Pathaan, is going strong on its fifth Saturday. On its fifth Friday, it earned around Rs. 1 crore. And it has taken its total collection of over ₹504 crores.

Now, there is no competition for the film as other films are performing poorly and there is no new release next week. So, the ground is open for the blockbuster film to expand itself and earn more amount of money in its pockets.

Shehzada 2nd Saturday Collection

Kartik Aaryan’s film, Shehzada, hasn’t shown any improvement and the film is not seeing a good audience. After its poor earning in the first week, the film is not going to recover at all. And this will be marked as “Flop” at the box office.

And this is not good news for Bollywood after the pandemic as it needs improvement in terms of footballs in the theaters. Especially, the demand is high after the boycott campaigns in various parts of India.

So, this was all about the box office updates of different movies. I will come up with new posts related regularly. So, keep visiting BOTY!

First Published on: 17:05 pm - 25, Feb 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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