Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi starrer “Selfie” has failed to leave its mark at the box office. The film didn’t get the right opening due to its poor content. However, it did show some jump on its second day but it wasn’t sufficient for the film. And now, Selfie’s 3rd day collection is expected to be on similar lines.

On the other hand, Pathaan has been showing a good performance in its fifth week. Due to no competition in theaters, SRK’s blockbuster film has picked up the pace once again and it is dominating other films.

Now, let’s throw some light on the first-weekend collection of Selfie. Also, I will discuss what’s written for Pathaan over its fifth weekend.

Selfie Displays Poor Show in Theatres

The new release Selfie didn’t quite manage to put up good numbers at the box office. After a mere opening day collection of ₹2.55 crores, the film failed to show any significant jump on its second day. Though there was around 40-45% growth, it didn’t push the film quite well.

Due to this, Selfie only managed to earn a value of ₹3.80 crores on Saturday. Now, the third-day collection of the film is also going to show a similar number. So, it is fair to expect it to gain a jump of around 50-55% from Friday to land near ₹4 crores.

Akshay Kumar in Selfie

Will this collection help the movie anyway? Well, no! It required a very good start if it were to make a big impact in the theaters. And it didn’t happen. So, with this information, it is fair to assume that Selfie would be able to earn a total of over ₹10-11 crores at the box office.

Clearly, it is not what is expected from a film that has a presence of a big star like Akshay Kumar. Well, above all, it is not a good thing for Bollywood which is already struggling with many flops in its baggage.

Pathaan Maintains a Stronghold in the Fifth Week

The storm of Pathaan is not in the mood to stop even in its fifth week. Due to the poor performances of the other films, it is getting a great advantage at the box office. And it is reflected in its earnings over the fifth weekend.

Until now, Pathaan has already collected over ₹500 crores in the theaters. And its stronghold over the fifth-weekend hints for its collection to reach around ₹515 crores.

If I talk about its collection this weekend, SRK starrer film has earned around ₹3 crores. It collected ₹1 crore on its fifth Friday and its collection doubled the next day. So, it expects a weekend of around ₹6 crores which is a very good amount.

Now, there is no new release next week and there is the festival of Holi. So, Pathaan has got an extended run at the box office and it will benefit the film in many ways.

So, this was all about Selfie’s Sunday earnings and Pathaan’s collection over the fifth weekend.

First Published on: 17:05 pm - 26, Feb 2023
Author: author image Piyush Chugh
Piyush Chugh is an established film critic, and Bollywood Trade analyst. He brings to you the latest box office news and collection updates.
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