A photographer was fortuitously injured by Shahrukh Khan’s car. Near The superstar’s car accidentally ran over the photographer’s foot.

Shahrukh was on his way to join Alia Bhatt for her 24th birthday celebrations. Alia is King Khan’s co-star in the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’. The star’s car was hurtling to Alia’s residence. A throng of photographer’s rushed to click pictures of the celebrity as they saw his car coming. Amid the hubbub, an excited photographer was inadvertently hurt.

According to the reports, the photographer was new to his profession. The enthusiastic photographer did not see the speeding car. The tyre of the car ran over his leg.

The star stepped out and ensured that the injured was treated. He sent the injured photographer in his car along with his bodyguard to Nanavati hospital for treatment. Shahrukh generously took care of all the medical expenses.

An eye-witness said that the star was very polite and asked the other photographers not to panic. He would take care of the situation, he added. There were no major injuries received by the photographer.

Shahrukh has always been known to be down-to-earth. Millions of fans adore him because of his simplicity.

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