Kartika Aaryan’s Shehzada hasn’t shown any promising performance at the box office. And it is something not good for Bollywood as it is on a run to make a strong comeback after intense boycott campaigns. If I take a look at the expected value of Shehzada’s 6th day collection, it isn’t going to show any improvement from the previous days.

On the other hand, the holdover release “Pathaan” is still doing good business in theaters. In fact, it is compensating for the poor performances of the other two films, Shehzada and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantamania.

Shehzada’s First Thursday Collection Depicts the Poor Show

The Telugu remake, Shehzada, hasn’t lived up to the expectations of moviegoers. Not just that, the movie hasn’t even earned a decent amount of money in its first five days at the box office.

Kartik Aaryan in Shehzada

Clearly, there is something in the film that the audience doesn’t like. Speaking of the film’s journey in theaters, it hasn’t just even shown any sign of growth till now. Be it its first-weekend collection or its performance over the weekdays, the show is not impressive.

When it hit the theaters last Friday, there were lots of expectations from it. Reason? The last successful film of the actor, Kartik Aaryan. However, it didn’t get the required start. Worse, it didn’t even show any growth over the first weekend.

After the first three days of a poor show, nobody had expected it to make a comeback on Monday. Well, it isn’t an easy thing to do after the first three days. And hence, Shehzada’s box office collections continued to decline over the weekdays.

Now, on its 6th day, the film isn’t going to recover as it is completely rejected by the audience. Shehzada is going to show a decline of 15-20% on the first Thursday and it will collect around ₹1.35 crores. This will take its total to around 27 crores.

Clearly, it is not good news for Bollywood. The story is repetitive: One successful release and many flop shows after that.

Pathaan is Rocking Even After Surpassing the ₹500 Crore Mark

SRK’s Pathaan is keeping up its momentum high even in the fourth week. The blockbuster film has already crossed the mark of ₹500 crores and still its powerful show is not going on.

Pathaan Movie Still

In its fourth week, the film is filling the gap for the other two poorly performing films, Shehzada and Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantamania.

It is rare for Bollywood to see such a kind of performance. Just like its first three weeks, Pathaan is moving in a good direction in its fourth week.

You can clearly see that after seeing its fourth-week collection. It would amount to around ₹14-15 crores which is quite a good value for any Hindi film.

One common thing to infer from the current scenario is the content that the audience likes decides the fate of a film in theaters. And it is what Pathaan perfectly possesses in its every component.

I hope you like this article about Shehzad and Pathaan’s box office earnings. For more similar articles, don’t forget to come back to BOTY. Here, I will provide you with the latest updates related to movies and actors.

First Published on: 15:48 pm - 23, Feb 2023
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