Shraddha Kapoor is known as one of the fittest celebrities in B-Town. Besides her acting, singing, and designing, she has impressed people with her flawless beauty as well. And that is also one of the reasons she has millions of fans. But I am sure you all know, such a figure is not achieved overnight. She definitely has worked hard a lot to reach her dream. But what is her secret?

Being an actress, she admits that hitting the gym is utmost necessary in this profession. But she is not much fond of Body Building exercises. Shraddha believes in toning her thighs and legs, and shaping her body. Along with that, she also wears Garmin GPS Update fitness bands, that help her time to time in reaching her daily goals.

But staying fit does not always mean pushing yourself to hard work out. You need some fun and relaxation in life as well. So, just like anybody else, even Shraddha Kapoor is also fond of spending vacations at popular holiday destinations, and having the time of her life. Let’s peek in and see some of her popular spots to visit and chill.


Why only Shraddha? This is one of the favorite destinations of most of the people in the world. And so, you will find most of the celebrities spending time here with their family and loved ones. Shraddha is also one of them, who visits this place often with her family to relax. She goes here often to distress herself and enjoy her time. Dubai is also one of the popular shopping hub, with lots of small and big markets for all your needs.


Next in her list comes this popular continent. This is also one of her favorites, to visit along with her friends. She has even celebrated her birthday here in the company of all her friends and closed ones. Europe is a dream destination of every person in this world. Be it for its amazing beaches, festivals, markets, vacation spots, and what not. Europe is a travel paradise!

If this place inspires you to travel, then pack your bags and go on a journey to this beautiful place. But make sure to get a good android app with GPS update so that you don’t get lost there while traveling.


Seychelles is also the most frequently visited place by Shraddha Kapoor. She often comes here with her family and they spend a wonderful family time together. You will find numerous beaches here, along with coral reefs and natural reserves. This is also a home to several rare animals like Giant Aldabra Tortoises. Must keep this place in your bucket list if you have not checked it off yet.

First Published on: 16:17 pm - 12, Aug 2018
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