Whether you take into account all the celebs trending on Instagram, or the singers trending on Instagram, the top list would be more or less the same only. Except few celebs, most of the singers are among the most trending celebs in the world.

And why not? Everyone in the world loves music. So it becomes quite obvious that people love to search for their favorite singers more often than any other celebrity. Moreover, everyone keeps looking out for any new music that graces the world. And that can very well be known in advance through the Instagram accounts of popular singers.

Becoming popular is quite a task here. Although you can easily get free likes on Instagram, but it takes a lot of effort to reach the number which these celebs enjoy.

Here, I will talk about few of those singers who enjoy the maximum followership on Instagram.

Selena Gomez

Followership – 144 Million

Gomez has been the Instagram queen since quite a long time. She is also the most trending Instagram celeb this year. Although this comes as a surprise for such a young star who had been on and off from the social media due to her health reasons. She has maintained quite a strong followership on Insta, getting love from her fans on daily basis.

Today as well, she continues to give sneak peeks into her life to all her loving fans.

Ariana Grande

Followership – 140 Million

Even though she had a bad year in 2017, due to the Manchester bombing at her concert. But she has quite successfully gained one of the top positions on Instagram. She continues to share her vacation selfies, photos with her boyfriend, any new song updates, and so on quite frequently.


Followership – 121 Million

Her photoshoot last year when she was pregnant threatened to break the entire Internet. Today too, she continues to share her loving memories of throwbacks, fashion shots, and much more along with her husband. No wonder she enjoys such a huge fan following on Instagram.

First Published on: 10:31 am - 25, Dec 2018
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