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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we dive into the meaning of the song, let's discuss what this song is all about. Amrit Mann likes a girl and keeps his eye on her. The girl also has feelings in her heart for the guy and asks him to love her. Also, the lover promises to the girl that he would persuade her parents and ask for her hand with due respect. Here are the lyrics meaning and explanation of the song, Bamb Jatt.

Kehndi ni gal billo jag saara jaan da
Car'a da ni shonk
Thalle Jonga ae Nissan da

i don’t speak as the world already knows
I am fond of cars
down there is nissan's jonga

Beetle ch laave shaam painde gediyan
Sadiyan hi fan ne friend'a teriyan

i roam in the beetle in the evening
All your friends are my fan

Ho tenu takda kalla putt jatt da
Nishana pura kaim ae
Mitran di akh da

This only son of jatt community peeps at you
The target of my eyes is on the mark

Dolled up hoke kudi jachdi ae bali ve
Layi ae Milan ton Roberto Cavalli ve.

i look so glamorous when i’m dolled up
i bought roberto cavallo from milan

Mere layi tu karda ae jogging sawere je
Pichle December da marda ae mere te

You go for jogging every morning to see me
your are crazy on me since last december

Na ainvaye khang ve
Hath mera maang ve
Jatti grenade ae
Tu vi jatta bomb ve

don't just stand there
ask my hand
im a grenade
you are a bomb

Sun sohneya ve gal sun sohneya
Gallan nal saarde jo hor honeya
Dil sada mangda deedar tere chehre da

just listen to me boy
I am not like those who become content by just conversations
our heart desires to see your face

Ik-mik ho jiye ki raula tere mere da
Haha! Koi chakkar hi nahin

let's be together .. what's matter of yours-mines
Haha! No problem girl

Assi vi iraadeyan nu pakka kari baithe aa
Dil assi tere kadma ch dhari baithe aa
Cham de vyapari sanu jaani na tu goriye
Rabb karda ni maaf dil jaan ke na todiye

I have also made my intentions clear
my heart is lying on your feet
don't think I am one of them who want your body
God never forgive us. we don't break heart intentionally

Ho tere dad nu manawange
Le jaande naiyo kadd ke
Goniaane aaleya ve jaavi na tu chad ke

i’ll pursuade your dad
I will not force you to elope with me
hey guy from Goniana, Don't ever leave me

Meri ban ja fiance
Ainvaye ho na confuse tu
Vekhi mere dil da uda ji na fuse tu

be my fiance
don’t be confused
be careful don't ever break my heart

Fun Facts

  • Bamb Jatt song turned out to be the hit song of Amrit Mann and Jasmine Sandlas. It was played at almost every parties and wedding to make the people feel its joy.

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