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Bewafa Tu
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

This song is about love and betrayal. The boy is shattered finding his girl betraying him. But the girl is even more shattered finding that his man does not trust her. What happens in this love, betrayal, and misunderstandings? Now having understood the background of this sad song, let's have a look at song lyrics meaning, translation and their explanation.

Bewafa tu, bewafa tu
Bewafa tu, bewafa

Boy - You are a cheater, a cheater.

Dil todeya tu,
Mukh modeya tu,
Khudgarz ae tu,
Bedard ae tu,
Khaure tainyo tu bewafa...

You broke my heart,
You turned away from me,
You are selfish,
You have no feelings,
Maybe that is why you are a cheater.

Mainu bolan da koi haq nai,
Ae sajna te vi shak nai,
Kyon sazaa meri ban di si,
Rooh judaa hon ton darrdi si...

Don't I have a right to speak?
I don't even doubt you,
Why was I supposed to be punished?
My soul is scared to part away from you.

Peerhan nu main hi saambhdi haan,
Mainu aakhde ne jad ho dafa...

The pains I only bear,
When you say me to get lost.

Ikk kami teri ae saahan nu,
Unjh zindagi vich koi thod nai.
Ajj fer ton karle yaad zara,
Jad keh geya si teri lod nahi...

My heart is missing you,
Otherwise, I have everything.
Miss me again today,
When you told me that day, you don't need me.

Eh saah mere,
Eh chaah mere,
Kade hunde si haaye...
Eh naa mere...

These breaths of mine,
These wishes of mine,
Were once... Mine...

Ajj maafi tethon mangda main,
Khud nu sooli te tangda main,
Teri mehak aundi ae saahan nu,
Jad gali teri chon langda main...

Today I am asking your forgiveness,
I am hanging myself,
My breaths can feel your fragrance,
When I cross your streets.

Kuch din di zindagi baaki ae,
Nit lahu nal dil nu rangda main...
Das Raj Fatehpur, sach sach ve...
Ikk hon di hai, ajj ki wajah...

My life is just for few more days,
Daily I color my heart with blood.
Tell Me Raj Fatehpur, truly,
What is the reason to be together now?

Fun Facts

  • This is the 3rd song of Guri's 1st album, 26. Just like other songs, even this song released on 26th of March.
  • This is the 2nd sad song of Guri, after Dooriyan.

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