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Chal Wahan Jaate Hain
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Chal Wahan Jaate Hain MP3 is one of the most popular songs of Arijit Singh. People have downloaded this song like no other. Its a very pleasant romantic song with a slow pace and pitch which all you can do is fall in love with. Enjoy The lyrics and explanation of this song below:


Aasmaan ke pare ek jahaan hai kahin
Jhooth sach ka wahan qayeda hi nahin
Roshni mein wahan ki alag noor hai
Saaye jismon se aage jahaan jaate hain

THere is a place beyond the skies,
Where there is no lies or truth (Evertyhing is truth)
The light of that place is different from down here,
where souls do not leave our bodies.

Chal wahan jaate hain
Chal wahan jaate hain
Pyaar karne chalo
Hum wahan jaate hain

Let go there and fall in love
with each other.

Seene se tum mere aake lag jaao na
Darte ho kyun zara paas toh aao na

Fall into my arms,
Come close and do not be afraid.

Dhunn meri dhadkano ki suno..

Listen to my Heartbeat...

Koi subah wahan raat se na mile
Ud ke wahan chalo aao tum hum chale

I hope that the nights do not end,
Let's fly to that place

Pankh laaya hoon main ud chalo…

I have brought feathers to fly..

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