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In this song, the boy is trying to put bangles and diamond anklets in her girlfriend's hands and ankles. But the girl is not accepting. Her wish is to put the anklet in front of her whole family and ask for her marriage. What will the boy do now? Having understood the basic background of the song, let's now have a look at Diamond Di Jhanjhar Song Lyrics Meaning and their translation. These lyrics are taken from CosmoLyrics.

Galliyan de vich Hummer kook di,
Asle paun patake ni.
Mauser’aan varge kitthe dubde,
Vaddeyaan gharaan de kaake ni.

Hummer roars on the streets,
Makes loud noises.
Ain't getting pressed like guns,
The children of big houses.

Chadhde siyaal di date marriage di,
Cardaan utte likha dange...
Surkh bullan cho han je krde,
Saare shaunk puga dange...

This coming winter is the marriage date,
We will put that on cards.
When you say yes from your lips,
I will fulfill all your wishes.

Tere gutt nu kadda sardarniye,
Diamond di jhanjhar paa dange...

I will put a bangle on your wrist oh Girl,
And diamond anklet in your ankle.

Note nute na jode bahute,
Jode yaar bathere ni.
Attitude taan rakhan rakaana,
Chobbar rakhde jehre ni...

I didn't save much money,
But I did gather a lot of friends.
Girls keep that attitude,
That young macho boys keep.

Ohna chon na jaani jatt nu,
Tochan fateh kara dange.
Je peh gayi lod ta phone maar di,
Mitthiye bomb bulaa daange…

Don't think of me like those men,
I will win the game.
If required, will make a call,
And will call in the bomb.

High court tak pendiaan writan,
Shonki jatt shikaraan de.
Nikke number mehnge mull de,
Jade ne mehngiaan caraan te.

The talks go on till High Court,
Of this boy who loves hunting.
Small numbers of very high price,
Are put on the costly cars.

Jehde sadde nal khende phirde
Jattiye top lava dange
Calgiri de map te kothi
Tere naam lava dange…

Those who are fighting with us,
We will put them in their place.
A huge house in Calgiri,
I will write that in your name...

Chitt karde gabru da raazi,
Jagg da chhad khayal billo.
G Wagon te rose lava ke,
Le ju Dhaliwal billo.
Vicky Dhaliwal billo.

Say yes to my heart,
Stop worrying about the world.
Putting roses on G Wagon,
Vicky Dhaliwal will take you away.

Pind Rasolli laandaar di,
Tenu nooh bana dange.
Gurnam Bhullar da akhada gori,
Ajj hi book kra dange…

Of the village Rasolli,
I will make you daughter-in-law.
Gurnam Bhullar's concert sweetheart,
I will book it today itself.

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