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Dil Tutda
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we explain the lyrics and meaning of Dil Tutda song by Jassi Gill, let us understand its theme. Jassi Gill explains the situation of a lover on his heartbreak in love. So here is Dil Tutda song's lyrics meaning:

Ro ro ke kujh nahi bann’na
Rona chhad de
Jihda pyaar hai nahi naseeb’ch
Dil’chon kadh de

You won’t get anything by crying
Stop Crying
Whose love is not written in your destiny,
Remove her from your heart

Gall mann le jhalleya
Rovenga kalleya
Gal mann le jhalleya, rovenga kalleya
Hove ilaaj na dil te laggi hoyi satt da

Follow my advice, idiot
You shall cry alone
A broken heart cannot be cured

Dil jida tutda ohnu hi pata lagda
Te jadon tutda audon hi pata lagda

Only one know who suffers heart-break
Then only one knows when one’s heart breaks

Aasaan nahi dil di satt nu injh sehna
Agg da dariya dubb ke jana ae paina

It is not easy to tolerate the wound of the heart
It will be a river of fire that you will have to cross by drowning

Tikhe tikhe naina de jaal ne bhaide
Pichhe beh jaan taan chhad de ni khede

The web of those sharp eyes is bad
If it once comes after you, it does not leave

Gin gin ke taare
Ohdi yaad sahare
Gin gin ke taare Ohdi yaad sahare
Din kat’da banda nai kade thak da

A lover spends his days by
Counting stars thinking about her memories,
A day gets over but a man never gets tired

Jo rok lave dil di dhadkan nu teri
Ohi ban’ni maksad jeene da teri
Dil de vich teer phir vajjde ne aa aa ke
Puchange haal loki ghar vich jaa jaa ke

She who stops your heartbeat,
Only she shall become the purpose of your life
And arrows will keep piercing your heart
People will come to your home and ask about your well being

Nirmaan de varge
pal pal ne marde
12 saal jive si ranjha reha kat’da

People like the writers
Die each and every moment
In a similar manner as Ranjha spent 12 years

Tere shehar te teri zindagi de vich
Din aakhri ae mera
Aaj ton baad tenu
Kade chehra dikhna ni mera
Main ishq te tu vypaar kita si
Galti teri nahin, galti taan meri si
Kyunki tu nahi main tenu pyaar kita si

This is my last day in your city as well as your life
I will not show my face to you from now onwards
I had fallen in love while you just used my heart for your pleasures
It’s not your fault but mine
Because you had not loved me, I had loved you

Fun Facts

  • Dil Tutda was one of the best Punjabi sad songs of the year 2017and Jassi Gill sang it in an excellent style
  • This song presented the heartbreak of a lover in a very unique style.
  • The video of the song was very unique and gave a glamorous touch to the song.

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