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Gaal Ni Kadni
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

In this song, he is repeatedly asking not to abuse. Let's have a look at Parmish Verma's Gaal Ni Kadni Lyrics Meaning and their explanation and translaiton.

Ho kaiyaan di tan soch hundi yari vich cheat di,
Par saddi yari jiven road concrete di,
Poore teehan da puvake tel chak laiye vehichlean,
Ho bebe kehndi hatna ni jinna marzi main cheek laan.

Many people believe in cheating in friendship,
But our friendship is as strong as a concrete road,
After putting oil of full 30 Rs., we pick up our vehicles,
My mother says I won't stop no matter how much she shouts.

Lammi hundi jandi hai list yaaro nai di,
Sau de nalon mehngi kade ainak ni layi di.
Aayi utte aa gye jadon hind naiyo shadni...
Ho baki jo marzi hunda ho jave veere,
Par gaal ni kadni…

Barber's price keeps on increasing,
We never put goggles more than of 100 Rs.,
If we come to our own will, we won't let go this stubbornness...
Rest whatever happens let it happen,
But, Just don't abuse...

Ho kaam hove ya na hove roz gedhe hunde shehr de,
Sara din waalan vich hath rehnde ferde,
Kayi ne sharabi kayi yaar gym wale aa,
Kayi ne shareef kayi bahle mere saale aa.

Whether we have some work or not, we daily go to the city,
The whole day we keep on setting the hair with our hands,
Some are drunkards, while some are friends from the Gym,
Some are innocent, while many are nasty.

Husan bathera khush hoiye dekh-dekh ke,
Mallo-malli aunda ae glow saade face te,
Turiye Moge nu saanu raat paindi badh ni...
Ho baki jo marzi hunda ho jave veere,
Par gaal ni kadni...


We keep on getting happier seeing our handsome face,
Our face is having a natural glow,
When we leave for Moga, the night seems long!
Rest whatever happens let it happen,
But, Just don't abuse...

Nakli brand paunde pehli pehli copiyan,
Aivein hi najaiz dinde rahida ae thapiyan,
Aukhe vehle kam da plan hai banaya ji,
Jadon paise ghate auto wala hada taya ji.

We wear first copies of duplicate brands,
And then keep on admiring them,
We have made plans for difficult times,
When we have money shortage, auto driver is our uncle.

Phande-Phunde maanjh… oh sorry sorry sorry
Bunk-boonk maarke padhaiyan sab kittiyan,
Modde te compartment waliyan ne feetiyan,
Khushi bhawein ghami nitt murgi hai baddni...
Khad ja teri bhen…
Na na na na… gaal ni kadni...

washing utensils,.. oh sorry sorry,
We completed our studies while bunking from school,
getting compartments in subjects are shining on our shoulders,
Even if happiness is less, but daily we want chicken...
Wait your sister's...
No No No No, Don't abuse.

Sirhane laake sojaan Mortein de coil nu,
Daadhi follow kare Parmish de style nu.

Putting Mortein coil near our pillow, I go to sleep,
The beard follows the style of Parmish.

Aa para mera favorite aa,
Dekh ke police jhat ho jaiye kalti,
Kehdi kudi jehdi sanu vekh ke ni palti?

This paragraph is my favorite,
Seeing police, we immediately run away,
Who is the girl who didn't turn again after looking us?

Miss callan joge phone vich hunde note aa,
Red-rood lightan wali aashikan nu chhot aa,
Jithon sare roke deyan jhandi othe gaddni...
Baki thonu agge pata hi aa…
Gaal ni kadni...

We have balance only to make miss calls,
we lovers have freedom from red lights,
Where others prohibit, we will raise our flag there...
Rest you all know,
Just don't abuse.

Satte bas aakhiri antra ae,
Saun lagge please!
Ik hor hai!
Main kehda nitt gauna ae.

Satte, this is the last para,
I Swere, Just 1 more,
As I don't sing frequently.

Dhakke na likhaya geet yaar Vicky Gill ton,
Serious hoke likh ditta ohne dil ton,
Goldy te Satte kolon music bana leya,
Jithon tak aunda seega thoda bohta gaa leya.
Hmm, Ban Gayi Gal! 

Forcefully we made Vicky Gill write the lyrics of this song,
He got serious and wrote lyrics by heart,
We got music created by Goldy and Satta,
I sung as much as I could do.
Yes, this is correct.

Laggeya je changa sir mathe parwaan aa,
Maada lageya taan ki hai laini meri jaan aa?
Agle gaane ch aapan end kar chhadni...
Ho baaki jo marji hunda ho jave veere,
Commentan ch gaal ni kadni...

I respect you If you liked this song,
If you don't, do you want to kill me?
In the next song, I will kill it...
Rest whatever happens let it happens,
But don't abuse in the comments...

Fun Facts

  • This is the 2nd song of Parmish Verma, after Le Chakk Main Aa Gaya.
  • The video of this song is directed by Parmish Verma himself.
  • Vicky Gill is the lyricist, and Goldy & Satta are from Desi Crew, who gave music to these lyrics.
  • The song has a lot of VFX artwork.
  • Parmish is one man army of this song, from concept to screenplay to direction.

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