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Guitar Sikhda
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before we dive into Guitar Sikhda Lyrics Meaning & Explanation - Let us understand the context of the song. Jassi Gill has learnt to play the guitar to impress her girlfriend. And in the song, he is bragging about it a little bit. Here is the song's lyrics and meaning.

Enrique da hero sun sun ke, Tenu karna pyar sikhda.
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye, Tere karke guitar sikhda.

After Listening to "Hero" song by Enrique Iglesias (American Singer),
I have learnt how to love you.
Your lover is a Jatt Dude, who has learnt guitar just for you.

Jeb meri khaali paisa ek vi nai
Tere dad wangu dad mera rich vi nahi.
Tainu sach dassa laike paise
Ni main yaaran ton udhar sikhda

My Pockets are empty, as I have no money.
My Dad is not as rich as your dad.
To be honest with you,
I am learning Guitar by Borrowing Money from friends.

Hauli hauli tere dil vich wadhna
Ga ga ke gaane tainu khush karna
Jaani ek din likhoon tere layi
Jidan gaane Gulzar likhda

Slowly slowly, I will make my place in your heart,
and will keep you happy by singing songs.
One day I will write songs for you,
like Gulzar(famous lyricist) used to write.

Duniya ne bura changa kehna goriye
Main tere naal live-in ch rehna goriye.
Mere hundeyan na dari kise to
Ni main karne shikaar sikhda.

Even if the world is against it,
I will be in a live-in relationship with you.
Don't be afraid of anyone,
I am also learning to hunt (fight).

Fun Facts

  • Jassi Gill's Guitar Sikhda is a very special song. Jassi claimed in an interview that this song is very close to his heart because he can relate to it.
  • Many Punjabi Youth actually claimed that they are also going to learn to play the Guitar, after listening to this song. How many of them actually did what they say, is not known.
  • Jassi Gill received praise from Sonakshi Sinha for this song.

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