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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Diljit Dosanjh is dedicating the 1st song of his new album to his crush, Kylie Jenner. Diljit is heading off for an interview. And there, he leaves the interviewer totally smitten by him. Having known a bit of the song's background, now let's have a look at High End lyrics meaning and their explanation. The lyrics are translated into English for better understanding.

Kam mitran de vadde balliye,
Naiyo karde najayaz gallan waddiyan...

We do great things sweetheart,
We never do big useless talks.

High end gaddiyan,
Dedh Sau te chaddiyan,
Jatt ne vi nazraan,
Haan tere utte gaddiyaan.

High end cars
Driving at 150 Km/hrs
Jatt has also
Kept his eyes on you.

Dagebaazi mitran ne kade vi na keeti,
Sadda mudd ton ee loyal blood ni...
Rambe waale ne taan zind tere naavein laayi,
Baaki saariyan nu billo hun chhad ni...

we have never betrayed anyone,
Our blood is loyal ever since the beginning.
I have named my life after you
Leaving behind all other women.

Ho jehda kare mada kam,
Ohda ved dita cham,
Aivein kaavan wangu chugde na haddiyan...

The one who does bad things,
I tear their skin away.
We don't pick bones like Crows.


Pairan vich Yeezy,
Munda rehnda bahla busy,
Dil thug de aa gaddi wale rim ni.
Aaj kal ve Dosanjha wala kide naal phire,
Hun Kylie kolon puchdi Kim ni.

Yeezy Adidas shoes on the feet,
The man is very busy,
The car rims steal away my heart.
Nowadays, with whom Dosanjh is hanging out,
Kim Kardashian asks Kylie Jenner.

Kayi puchdiyan mainu
Main tan chaunda bas tainu
Doraan dil diyan tere utte chhadiyan

Many propose me,
But I love only you,
I left the rope of my heart on you. (I trust you)


Fun Facts

  • This is the 8th musical album of Diljit Dosanjh.
  • High End is the first song of the album Confidential. This album has total 9 songs.
  • This song is shot in Los Angeles.
  • Diljit dedicates this song to his longtime crush, Kylie Jenner.
  • In this song, he makes reference to Kylie and her elder sister, Kim Kardashian.
  • This is Diljit's 2nd album with T-Series after 'The Next Level'.

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