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Le Chakk Main Aa Geya
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

This song is one of the firsts of popular singer Parmish Verma. Before we begin with Le Chakk Main Aa Gaya lyrics and meaning, let's know a bit of the song's background. Parmish is talking about a girl who left him since he did not have any work. And now, that unemployed person has turned into a huge star. Parmish dedicates this song to all his fans. Now, presenting Le Chakk Main Aa Gaya Lyrics Meaning.

Ho jaan laggi ne tika ke
Gal chakmi ji kahi
vehladan nu ashiquian,
puggdian ni...

When she was going away,
She said a very great thing
Love doesn't suit men, who have nothing else to do.

Aa leh vekh kamkaar munda ho geya star
vekh kamkaar kehnde ho geya star
tera vehlad hi sire billo la geya...
aa leh chakk main aa geya...

Now see this job,
I have become a star,
Your this jobless man has reached success.
Look, I have come back!

ho ik kirpa meri maa di,
ho ik kirpa teri naa di
aa le chakk main aa gyaa...

One, thanks to my mother,
Two, thanks to your betrayal,
Look, I have come back!

Ho ik dooje naalon jyada, meri matt pyi si mari,
ik akh teri jaane, duji berozgaari.
ho sydney ch bhaande vi manjagi teri yaari,
taane landuan de sehnde sehnde agi meri baari.

More than one another, i was mad
One, you know that, second this joblessness.
Your love also pushed me to wash utensils in Sydney,
While hearing curses from the others, now it's my time.

Na hi mare na hi dare,
na hi nasheyan ch pade.
dekh mehntan da mull baba pa geya...
Aa leh chakk main aa gya.

I didn't die, I didn't scare away,
Neither I got involved in drugs.
See all these hard work God really paid.
Look, I am back!

Ho kal tak sige jede menu taane kasde,
aaj yaar di chadhayi ni ne hawa dasde.
Ho Jimmy Kotakpura gaane tunnda rahuga,
Mach de ne jehde hun rehn machde...

Till yesterday those who were criticizing me,
Are today calling my success just a luck.
Jimmy Kotakpura will keep writing songs,
Those who were jealous, keep staying jealous.

Ho Desi crew h mere sang, crew mere sang
raula paunde rehnde nang, Goldy Satta mere sang
raula paunde rehnde nang,
chakk gaana vi ae yaar tera gaa gya...
mere te nishane paru laa gya...
aa leh chakk main aa gya!

Desi Crew is with me, Crew is with me.
They will keep yelling, Goldy Satta is with me.
They will keep yelling.
Look your friend has sung a song as well!
Paru has reached the zenith,
Look I am back!

Fan warde ne jaan thakk pa geya!
Aa leh chakk thakk pa geya!
Aa leh chakk main aa geya!

My fans love me I have surprised them,
Look, I am back!

Fun Facts

  • This is the debut track of Parmish Verma.
  • He is a very humble, down to earth person in real life.
  • This song is totally dedicated to his fans.

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