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Mill Lo Na
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Mill Lo Na is a very peppy dance number. It is a cute love story about a couple, where the girl is, again and again, asking the boy to meet her. But the boy is hesitating even though both have feelings equally. So now, having understood a little background of the song, let's have a look at Mill Lo Na Lyrics Meaning and the translation.

Gol gol gallan
Gallan kardi aan gol gol

Round round cheeks,
The girl beats around the bush.

Mainu kehndi mil lo na
Mil lo na, mill lo na
Oh mainu kehndi mil lo na
Par time ni mittran kol


She says me to meet her,
But I don't have time.

Ni tu sochi na ke jatt pyar nai karda,
Hil gaya tere pichhe ghumm ghumm ke..
Kal 3-4 phaad diyaan baby,
Photoaan teriyan chumm chumm ke...

Don't think that this Jatt doesn't love you,
I have lost my mind following you.
Yesterday, I tore away
3-4 photos of yours after kissing them away.

Ni agg barabar laggi ae
Bhawein feeling’an nu lai toh.

The fire is on both sides,
See for yourself from the feelings.

Main yaaran beliyan de naal busy nakhro
Leya na tu kar mainu easy nakhro
Pyar mainu kardi ae beshak ni
Kareya na kar kaam cheesy nakhro
Cheesy nakhro

I am busy with my friends oh girl,
Don' take me for granted.
Even though you love me
Don't do cheesy stuff oh girl.

Ho naam Jaani ae Jaani
Aklaan de kunde khol

The name is Jaani,
Open your mind.


Fun Facts

  • This is the 2nd song of Guri's 1st album, 26. It released on 26th February.
  • Along with Guri, the song features the famous music director, Sukhe.
  • The song is penned down by Jaani.

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