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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

This song is a remake version used in the movie Blackmail. Before going through Patola Lyrics Meaning & Explanations, let's understand the context of this song. There is a marriage going on. And just like any other Punjabi weddings, even this wedding is going to have a rocking song. And so, Guru Randhawa makes his appearance singing this huge wedding anthem of the year. Now, let's understand Patola Lyrics Meaning.

Mitran Di Jaan Te Bane
Jaddon Nikle, Haaye Ni
Jaddon Nikale...

My heart races,
Whenever you cross...

Chadhdi jawani tera gora gora rang ni
Gora gora rang kare mundeyan nu tang ni
Gore hathan wich, ni gore hathan wich
Gore hathan wich laal chuda channke.
Ni mundeyan Di Jaan Te Bane.

Your rising youth, Your white skin
This fair complexion troubles all the men
On your fair hands,
The red bangles are jungling.
All men's hearts go racing.

Jadon nikle haye ni jadon nikale...
Jadon nikle Patola banke,
Mundeyan di jaan te bane.

When you leave,
Looking so beautiful
All men's hearts go racing.

Kaala suit kaala til,
Mukhde te jachda.
Nazar na lage tenu,
Bachake baby rakhada.

Black Suit and black mole,
Looks beautiful on your face.
No evil eye should fall on you,
This black color saves you from all.

Ishare karde, ishaare karde
Ishaare karde ne munde darr darr ke,
Mitran di jaan te bane...

Giving you hints,
The boys are giving you hints in fear.
All men's hearts go racing.

Akhaan hi akhaan ch pyaar, Tere naal paa leya.
Gallan Gallan wich tenu, Apni bna leya.
Supne De Wich haye main vyah karva leya.
Han Karva Leya, vyah karva leya.

With the eye contact, I got your love.
Just by doing sweet talks, I made you mine.
I married you in my dreams only.
Yes, I got married.

Roz piche piche, ni roz piche piche,
daily piche piche anwan tere chalke,
mundeyan di jaan te bane.

Daily by following,
Daily we follow you by walking behind you,
All men's hearts go racing.


Fun Facts

  • This is the remake version of Randhawa's original song with the same name.

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