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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Qismat song by Ammy Virk is all about the sufferings one experiences when his loved ones changes with time. So here is Qismat song's lyrics meanings:

Qismat badaldi vekhi main
Ehhe jag badalda vekheya
Main badalde vekhe apne
Main Rabb badalda vekheya

I have seen the fate changing
I have seen the world changing
I have seen my closed ones changing
I have seen even God changing

Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Sab kujh badal gaya mera
Chal jar hi javangi

All that was belongs to me has changed
Still, I will tolerate it

Ve je hun tu vi badal gaya
Main te mar hi javangi

And now if you too change,
I shall die

Tu aakhri umeed meri
Tutt kite jaavin na
Lutti hoyi nu ve Jaani
Lutt kite jaavin na

Only you are my last hope
Don’t get broken
Don’t steal the one who has already been stolen
(Don’t steal the one who has already lost everything)

Main jhooth badalda vekheya
Main sach badalda vekheya
Main badalde pathar vekhe ne
Main kach badalda vekheya

I have seen lies changing
I have seen the truth changing
I have seen stones changing
I have seen glass changing

Je lod nahin ae hun meri
Munh te mere bol ve
Maang na salahaan ja ke
Par lokaan kol ve

If you don’t need me anymore,
Say it to my face
But don’t take advice from others people

Je dena ae te dil naal
Saath devin mera tu
Je rolna vi ae te fer
Changi tarah rol ve

If you want to stay with me
Stay whole heartedly
And if you want to leave me,
Do it completely

Fun Facts

  • This song became an instant hit and was viewed by a huge number of people on youtube.
  • Music Director B Praak and the lyricist Jaani gave a live performance on this song.

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