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Tere naalo tuteya ni
Moja’an assi lutiyan ni,
Miney moone kithe dina baad aa gayi

I broke up with
I enjoyed it
It comes in some days before the month

Oh! Pehle week khush hoya,
Duje week peg laye,
Teeje week fer teri yaad aa gayi

Oh the First week I feel happy
The second week I drank a lot
Finally, in the third week, I miss you

Teeje week fer...
In the third week again

Ho meriyan barang chithiyan,
Honiyan ne tenu milliyan
Main jaddo tainu,
Sab passe’on block karta

The letters which I had written to you
Probably you have read
When I blocked you from all the way

Ni tere ditte tohfeyan nu
Trunk vich paa ke baliye
Upron mein jinda laa ke lock karta

The gifts you had given me
I put them in the trunk
And locked up them.

Neend chain naal aayi
Jado akh si milayi
Ohdo supne ‘ch
Karne tu laad aa gayi

I slept without any tension
When we see each other
You came in my dream
To cherish me

Ho aaya main film vekh ke,
Ni ohni bari roya hannare
Jithe jithe,
Gallan saddiyan si match kitiyan

I watched a film
I cried every time
When scenes were matching with ours.

Ni khichiyan main ronde ronde ne,
Bhejan layi tere val nu
Email vich photo’an attach kitiyan
Jaddo naam tera paaya,
Fer cheta mainu aaya,
Ae ta ohi jehdi kar barbaad kha gayi

I took my photo when I was crying
To send you
I attached them with an e-mail
When I put your name
Then I remembered
You had ruined me

I’m done with you,
Tur gayi tu mainu aakh ke,
Main vi ado kehta,
Chal jana ae ta jaa
Ni ikko gal maare jatt nu
Tutiyan ne lad lad ke
Vese Dillan vich
Si ik Duje Vaastu Wafa

I’m done with you
You left me after saying these words
Ok you go if you want
Only one thing that irritates me
We broke up with a fight
although there was a loyalty
In us for each other

Likhe Bains Bains gaane,
Gaunde phirde niyaane,
Tanhi feeling jahi
Ahe dhanvaad aa gayi

Bains Bains wrote this song
All children are singing it
I am feeling
Thanks to all.

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