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Tere Vaastey (Season Of Sartaj)
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Tere Vaastey song describes the selfless love of a lover and the pain he feels. Sartaaj himself sings the song and explains the various aspects a person deals with while loving someone. All the feelings of a broken heart are very well said in this song. Here is the meaning of the lyrics of Tere Vaastey:

Kohaan pahaad langh ke

Passsing Miles and Miles of Mountains

ik shehar supneyaan da

There is a town of dreams

Saanu azeez kaafi

Cherished to me,

Oh shehar supneyan daaa,

Is that town of dreams

Tere vaastey ve sajna-aa

For you my beloved

Peedan assi handdaiyaan,

I have endured many pains

Sarmaaye zindagi de

These are my assets,

Yahi daultan kamaaiyan

These are the fortunes I have earned

Do marmari sunehey Tennu den je havaavan

These winds,may bring to you, some gleaming (marbles) messages

Ek meri aashiqi daa Dooje vich ne duaawan,

One will be a declaration of my love and the other some prayers (for you)

Shayad tu muskuraavein Ki bhejeya shaudaiyan

Maybe you’ll smile, at what I have sent you

Ekk tu hi nai si manneya Sab devte manaaye

Only you could not be won over, all the deities and Gods I had on my side

Peera ne daat varge~e Jazbaat jholi paaye,

These saints had also bestowed me with knowledge and passion

Par aakhra nu hoiyaan Rab naal hi ladayaan

But in the end, I had taken up a fight with God himself

Tere noor ne ishaq de Raahwan nu roshanaaya

The light that radiates from you had illuminated the pathways of love

(the light of you charm had helped to find the pathways of love)

Tere naina ne taan saanu Kaghaz kalam phadaaya,

Your eyes had compelled me to take up the pen and paper

Sartaaj da khazana Likhiyan ne jo rubaaiyan

Sartaj’s treasure chest, is full of all I have written

Fun Facts

  • This is one of the most popular songs from Satinder Sartaj's album "Seasons of Sartaaj".
  • Bollywood actress, Nargis Fakhri stars in this song.
  • Satinder Sartaj himself writes and sings the song "Tere Vaastey".

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