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Trending Nakhra
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Lyrics Meaning & Explanation

Before starting with Trending Nakhra Lyrics Meaning and Explanation, let's understand that under what circumstances does Amrit Maan sings this song. A girl is standing with her friends who are bragging about how they keep their men under control. Seeing this, even the girl asks her fiancee to come there in next 5 minutes. Rest of the song shows Amrit Maan obeys his girl and then shows her tantrums, i.e., Nakhre. So now, in the voice of Amrit Maan, his girlfriend is talking about his tantrums and her love. Here are the song's lyrics & meaning.

Poora trending nakhra ve,
Mundiyaan vich tu vi wakhra ve!

This attitude of yours is totally trending
In all the men, you are also outstanding

Aaja phir INTENSE!

Come on, INTENSE!

Poora trending nakhra ve,
Mundiyan vich tu vi wakhra ve!
Chaah jeya chadh gya,
Jadon mod ton chakvi car mudi.

This tantrum of yours is totally trending
In all the men, you are also outstanding.
Love occupied me,
When a very attractive car came by the street.

Duniya chhadu raah ve mundiya
Baah vich pa ke baah ve mundiya
Adab je jatt naal jadon patole, 
Wargi naar turi.

The world will clear the path,
When putting arms in arms,
With a very courteous Jatt,
A beautiful girl will walk along.

Kinniya saalan toh main toh sochi baithi Soneya,
Ve tere naal future mera.
Baki kudiyan de waangu secret rakhi jaavan,
Aidaan da ni nature mera.

Since many years I had been thinking oh love,
My future is with you.
Like many other girls, keeping a secret,
This is not at all my nature.

Bas viyaah di tension thodi ve,
Dinne attention thodi ve.
Dardi aan kithe nazar na lag je,
Jag di maar buri.

I am just tensed a little about the marriage
Plus you give me only a little attention,
I am scared that what if
This world cast an evil eye on us.

Chori chori, 
Takki jaanae.
Muchhan te hath rakhi jaanae.
Gusse de naal jadon vekhdae,
Hor vi sohna lagi jaanae.

Secretly, You Keep Looking at me.
You keep on touching your mustache.
When you look at me with anger,
You look even more handsome.

Tere vich interest mera,
Todi na kade trust mera.
Duja mauka dena ni main
Labh li hor kudi.

In you lies my interest,
Never break my trust.
I won't give you another chance,
Then find some other girl.

Tu niyaane da maan ni balliye
Joganiyan di shaan ni balliye
Rajeya warga dil hai tere,
Adab jeh jatt da.

You are important for kids, oh love
You are pride of women, oh love
Your Jatt's heart is like that of a King.

Fikar na mainu jag di balliye
Sonh lage mainu rab di balliye
Je margya tenu taan vi jattiye
Kalli ni shad da (x2)

I don't care about this whole world,
I Swear to the God.
Even if I die, still
I won't leave you ALONE.


Fun Facts

  • The lady featuring in the video is model cum actress, Ginni Kapoor. She was previously seen in Preet Harpal song, Black Suit.

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