Punjabi Bhangra Songs

In India, people have moved a lot to the Western culture. Whether it is about dresses or songs. But still, in many parts of our country, the Indian culture is strongly prevalent. One among those is the trend of Punjabi Bhangra. Once you start listening to the Punjabi Bhangra songs, you just cannot stop yourself from feeling like a Punjabi.

The music and beats of these Punjabi Bhangra songs are so upbeat that everybody around just loses themselves in those dances and enjoys along with the dancers. This Bhangra music originally belongs to Punjab. But with a wide spread of Punjabis all around the world, this Punjabi bhangra culture has also spread everywhere. In every nook and corner, you will find somebody who is a huge fan of the Bhangra music.

One thing that triggers this dance is the Punjabi Bhangra DHOL. When the dhol starts to beat, bhangra starts taking place. While you can find bhangra dance in almost every Punjabi song, only a few of them can make the best bhangra songs.

And hence, BOTY brings you the top best old and new bhangra songs. We have made an exclusive list for you, featuring the best Punjabi Bhangra songs ever made in this country. Check out the list and enjoy your time.

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Chandigarh Kre Ashqi

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