While the audience impatiently wait for April 28 for the release of Baahubali: The Conclusion, concept artist Viswanath Sundaram reveals how he designed the famous image where Katappa kills Baahubali. More than 1,000 concept art pieces from both the movies of Baahubali have been designed by him. The Baahubali project was equal to working in ten movies, said Sundaram.

Initially he developed a frame but the director S S Rajamouli thought that the angle was quite low for the movie to be shot on screen. In the next one the slayers face looked vague but he finally composed a silhouette with fire and grey backdrop which was duplicated as it is.

Even though Katappa killing Baahubali is the most important image of the movie but Sundaram says that the scene where the statue of Bhallala Deva is being lifted by the slaves in the first installment of Baahubali was the most stimulating shot he projected as a concept artist. The shot was significant and necessary to give the movie a boost. Three sketches with panoramic views were created by Sundaram so they could decide where to shoot the scene.

Sundaram started his career with the Tamil thriller ‘Vidiyum Munn’  and ‘Baahubali’ is a career defining movie for him.

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