The Tamil and Telugu film industries have today started competing hard with Bollywood. People are really loving the South Indian movies more, all thanks to the great progress these actors are making. And out of those, the more loved movies are of Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan, and many more. But besides these actors, Telugu and Tamil Comedy Actors have also started gaining massive recognition.

If a movie has some comedy elements in it, then the movie becomes even more interesting to watch. And most of this credit goes to the comedy actors only. In Telugu cinema, Brahmanandam is one of the superb comedians. But who are the renowned names in Tamil cinema? Here, we will talk about top few Tamil Comedy actors who have mesmerized the movie lovers. Without them, the movie seems incomplete. Their presence gives the movie an additional star.


Among all the popular Tamil comedians, people are a huge fan of Goundamani Comedy. Apparently, he set a different trend for comedy in Tamil cinema. He has been one of the first actors who started making fun of the lead actors themselves. His natural dialog delivery and aura give way to his stardom. Be it a comedian or a villain, he is entertaining in all aspects.

Goundamani is regarded as the Comedy Legend of Kollywood. He is majorly popular for his comedy alongside Senthil. The unique factor of Goundamani comedy is his talent to speak on-the-spot dialogues. His counter dialogs to the actors, which are totally off the script yet too natural, are some of his best points.


Senthil is another great comedian of Tamil cinema. People immensely love his partnership with Goundamani in most of the Tamil movies. And because of that, Goundamani Senthil comedy is something people look out for in any movie. Together, they are known as Laurel and Hardy of Kollywood. Along with movies, Senthil is even doing comedy roles in Television series. And hence, his fan following is increasing daily among all the age groups.


One difference between Vadivelu comedy and other actors’ comedy is that his style even makes children laugh out loud. He not only entertains the audience with his dialogs, rather his reactions, expressions, and mannerism give way to a heavy laugh by all age groups. His tone has that Madurai accent, which is different from rest of the people. And that itself is another unique quality of this comedian.

Starting out in the 1990s, he has become one of the most successful and beloved Tamil comedy actors. His most successful film till date is Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikecei. And his popularity led to his nickname Vaigai Puyal (meaning, the storm from the Vaigai river of Madurai). His one of the recent blockbusters was Mersal, where he played a supporting role along with Vijay.


Before starting out in movies, Vivek has been a popular stand-up comedian. He got his major breakthrough in movies in the late 1990s, where he used to be the main friend of the lead actor. Because of his tremendous work in Tamil cinema, he has been awarded several times as the best comedian of Kollywood. Vivek is much more popular for his comedy scenes in Run, Vaali, Saami, and many more. And even today, he continues to entertain the audience through his superb comedy.


Santhanam has appeared as a lead actor as well as a comedian. More than his main role, people have loved him as a comedian in other movies. His style of comedy and timing reminds people of the way Goundamani speaks. Some of the movies achieve success at the box office all due to Santhanam’s comedy. He is one of those amazing comedians that are a blessing to the Kollywood. Many a time, people also refer him as Kalaivanar of the modern era.

Yogi Babu

Yogi Babu is a recent entrant in the list of top comedy actors. He rose to name and fame after his epic performance in Maan Karate, 2014. Fascinated by his talking style and looks, the director Ram Bala decided to give him a chance in movies, and hence started the journey of a great upcoming comedian. He is not just a regular name in Tamil comedy movies but has also starred along with Shah Rukh Khan in the movie Chennai Express. Since 2014, he has appeared in more than 15 movies each year, most of them going on to become super hits.

Kovai Sarala

Kovai Sarala is a popular comedian in both Tamil and Telugu cinema. She is the 1st female comedian who has gained massive recognition for her talent. Throughout her life, she has done more than 750 movies. And has even won several awards for the best comedian. Sarala started appearing in movies when she was just in 9th class. Her dialog delivery and comic timing made her one of the most popular Indian comedians of today.


Vijay is majorly a lead actor in Tamil cinema but he is also a great comedian. His dialogues will make you laugh hard. He is a multi-talented person, an actor, a singer as well as a comedian. Among the people, Vijay is popular as Thalapathy, meaning a commander. He started out his film journey as a child artist, and slowly rose to fame to become one of the popular lead actors of today. His latest hit Mersal gave very tough competition to Bollywood movies in International market. Along with being a lead actor, he has also impressed people with his comedy. For most of his movies, he takes care of the comedy element all by himself.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan is one of the Top lead actors of Tamil cinema. He is also a very popular actor of Bollywood. The major plus point of his acting is that he is both a superb actor as well as a comedian. When he is featuring in a movie, it does not need any other supporting actor to take care of his comedy. One such great example is the movie Avvai Shanmughi, which was later remade in Bollywood as Chachi 420 with Kamal as the main lead.

Kamal Haasan comedy brings a smile to millions of people. His fan following is huge, and hence, his comedy attracts people all over the world. Some of his super hit comedy movies include Sathi Leelavathi, Thenali, Uttama Villain and many more.

Prakash Raj

Bollywood Villains

Prakash Raj is an all-rounder. No other word can describe him aptly. He is a superb actor, be it as a villain or a comedian. And most of his villainous roles are full of comedy, which makes him one of the favorite villains of the majority of people. Prakash Raj is not just a renowned actor in Tamil cinema, but in Telugu and Hindi cinema as well. At any point in time, his kitty is always full of multiple movies.

Even as a villain, the way he starts reacting on being beaten up by the lead actor is way too hilarious. The natural flow of his dialogues gives the boost to his acting. Most of the movies in which he has featured have been blockbusters. And he continues to bring more successes in his film career through his comedy.

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