Himesh Reshammiya, the composer cum singer cum writer cum actor has yet again come up with a self funded project of his, which in critique’s point of view wasn’t much awaited for by the audience. As expected the movie took a below than average start at its opening, the film’s which consisted of a couple of cover tracks did not do much to help the movie’s collections as well. None of the actors made a noteworthy contribution to acting and the story was thought of to be lagging and dragging even for its shorter than usual length.

Himesh’s newly reforged body and stiff movements did not help the movie too. While a lot of dialogues were repetitive there were a few moments where the typical Indian audience cheered and whistled. The first day on which the movie was projected on 1500+ screens, Tera Suroor was only able to capture Rs. 1.45 cr, which for that big a launch is mere peanuts. So its safe to assume that the film is headed to be a below average if not a flop. The film came out to grow a bit on its first saturday, but only a bit as it grossed to Rs. 2.07 cr. as the film is yet to unfold on its first sunday it is expected to have a higher score than the previous two days, we’ll have to wait to see how it goes. Till then, lets have a look at the two days collections.

Friday – Rs. 1.45 cr
Saturday – Rs. 2.07 cr
Sunday – Rs. 2.25 cr (approx)

Total Collections : Rs. 5.77 cr 

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