The popular people whom we call celebrities, may not be as much better people than the rest of us, but they are definitely better at limousine selections. There is an old connection between limousines and fame, and celebrities are carrying forward that connection since the origination of the limousines. The celebrities need both fame and limousine together as a means to travel in style, safety, and comfort. Hence it is not surprising to hear as to why limos are mostly purchased by celebrities only over the years. Few celebrities have purchased the best top featured limos that are the attraction point of this post. Scroll down to check some best limousines of all time that are purchased by popular celebs.

Barack Obama

Without any doubt, the limousine of the US president is the safest place on the earth. The US presidents have been guarded with Beasts limousines over the time. At the time of former US president Barack Obama’s tenure, there were 12 such limousines present in the White House. They are tasked to protect the most powerful man in the world. The secret services of the US traditionally modify the limos for presidential use. George W Bush was the first US president who used a specially built limo. Barack Obama’s love for limos can still be seen by people during his royal visits.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim and Kanye’s inclusion in our list should not be surprising. Their love for cars is known by everybody. The couple has recently ordered a Chevrolet Kodiak which is also called Limo One. Its price is around  £250,000. Apart from Limo One, Kanye has also bought a Prombron Iron Diamond limo for Kim and their son North. This limo is kidnap proof, hijack proof and an armored SUV which is made by Dartz Motorz. Kanye is very fond of limos. He has shown his love for limos in his album Yeezus to Seth Rogen. The couple is popular for hiring limos which they don’t have. Most of the celebrities when look for a limo hire Perth company, they look no further than wicked limos.

Whitney Houston

The late American actor and singer who died in 2012, was very popular for her songs and love for limos. She had owned a 1986 Rolls Royce Spur limo which was featured with a truly old school TV, VCR and crystal glasses. Whitney had not only used this limo as a trophy piece, but she also used it for her daily activities for a number of years. Now, this limo can be seen on display at the AACA Museum in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

First Published on: 18:50 pm - 22, Aug 2019
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