Bollywood is such a big industry, that anything related to it is sure to stir the craze among people. Be it the fashion divas, handsome hunks, or simply amazing dialogues, people follow each and everything with full craze. And various businesses take advantage of such a fact only.

Number of t-shirts are made and sold everyday, that has something or the other related to Bollywood. It can be the image of your favorite actor, or your favorite quote from any movie. All that matters is that it is Bollywood.

So, here we will be talking about such Bollywood T-Shirts only, that have the funniest presentation. These kind of t-shirts are dearly loved by the people from all backgrounds. You can either purchase them from online stores, or manufacture some of your own. If you have to create your own store and start selling t-shirts, here are some beginner friendly WooCommerce Video tutorials for you.

1. Sabse Bada Hain Crime Master Gogo

Released in 1990s, the movie Andaaz Apna Apna is the favorite of many people even today. It has been one of the funniest movies of that era. And this character, Crime Master Gogo, had been the favorite villain of 90s kids. This makes such a t-shirt popularly loved and adored.

2. Kya Ukhaad Lega?

Sunny Deol is famous for many of his dialogs and actions. And one of them is this – where he pulls out a pump due to his strength. Because of his strength and dialog delivery, these are not only loved by the audience, but also are among the most funniest actions. This makes such a dialog a funny line for a t-shirt.

3. Koi Na Koi Chahiye @Tag Karne Vala

There is a popular dialog “Koi Na Koi Chahiye Pyaar Karne Vala”. This t-shirt twists that dialog and use “tag” instead of “pyaar”. Why? In today’s time, when someone tags you, that is a much better feeling than when someone loves you. 😀 Funny, but true! And hence, this makes another one of the famous funniest t-shirt slogans to use.

First Published on: 22:56 pm - 19, Sep 2018
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