Along with entertainment, movies have also inspired us a lot in our lives. There are many strong women characters in these movies, that have also motivated other women to follow their path.

There was once a time when all kinds of movies were male dominated. The time and industry is changing now. Many women centric movies are coming up, which not only present these characters in limelight but also are super amazing to watch. And this has been the trend in all languages, be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and so on.

These women characters have become great source of inspiration for all the women in this world. Many have inspired from them and taken their journey forward. If you also wish to be strong just like these characters, then some strong women quotes will definitely motivate you from within. They will take you a long way in your life.

In this article, we are going to shed light on top 3 strongest women characters that we have come across so far.

Raazi (Sehmat)

It is not always that someone tells you to be a spy in the enemy country. Based on the true story, Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) really made herself strong to save her country and be a spy in Pakistan. One important lesson that this movie teaches us is that you don’t always have to be in the war field or ring to show your strength. Many times, you need to be strong from within to fight demons in your life.

Mary Kom (Mary Kom)

This is another movie based on true story of Olympic boxer, Mary Kom. Any word said about her would always be less. She has inspired women to never give up and be strong in whatever field you choose for yourself. Priyanka Chopra enacted this champion in her movie, Mary Kom. And even PC went through a rigorous training to put her best foot forward and step in her shoes.

Padmaavat (Rani Padmavati)

Even though Rani Padmaavati did not fight in the battle field. Yet she showed her strength with her will power and sacrifice. Like we said before, you don’t need to have strength to be strong. All you need is confidence on yourself and bravery that you would never support anything wrong.

First Published on: 11:38 am - 3, Oct 2018
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