Akshay Kumar is one of the best actors Bollywood has given us. A self-made man, who once served as a waiter in some restaurant in Thailand is now one of the most recognized faces on this planet. He entered Bollywood as an Action Hero and worked in a series of Action movies under the Khiladi Brand. But he rebranded himself as one of the greatest actors with the best comic timings when he started working in multiple and back to back comedy movies starting in 2000. We will now talk about some of the best Akshay Kumar Comedy movies.

Akshay Kumar’s most successful and well-received movie includes Hera Pheri which was also one of his first movies. This directorial venture of Priyadarshan became a brand. There were sequels to this movie and Hera Pheri is still in news for more future sequels. All characters of this movie were immortalized because of their amazing performances.

Akshay Kumar is also famous or infamous for releasing 4 movies every year on an average. Where Big stars avoid taking risks and work only in 1 or 2 movies in a year, Akshay Kumar loves to work and experiment. He works on various creative and amazing topics and failure of these movies doesn’t demotivate him at all.

Here are some Akshay Kumar movies which couldn’t do so well at the box office.

  • Tees Maar Khan
  • Singh Is Bling
  • Action Replayy
  • Thank You
  • Joker
  • Boss
  • and more…

But let’s not talk about flop movies anymore. He is also known to make sure the music in his movies is awesome as well, hence songs in Akshay Kumar movies often become a big hit. And not just music, even the action in Akshay Kumar comedy movies tend to be authentic unless it’s not a garam masala type comedy where everything is brainless.

There is no time in a year when we don’t have at least 3-4 names in the Akshay Kumar upcoming movies list. This man is known to always have his hands full.  Even before a film is completed, AK is all ready for his next movie. And not just him, all the producers and directors are eager to work with him all the time. And we hope he keeps doing all the amazing movies and keeps entertaining us all the time.

We included only the movies with highest BOTY Scores and Genre: Comedy.