Bollywood has today entered the zone of making true story movies. You will notice that most of the movies that release today are based on some real-life incident, like Neerja, Azhar, Padmaavat, Padman, Manikarnika and so on. People love these movies to such an extent that every actor and director is expressing his/her interests in doing such movies based on real stories. And the Box Office Collection is the evidence that these movies turn out to be massive hits among people.

Evolution of Bollywood

Bollywood has come a long way from making black and white romantic movies to movies based on real-life stories. The Golden Era of Bollywood saw some amazing love stories that became a trend for quite a long time. Then came the time of action, comedy, science fiction, horror and thriller movies. More than romantic genre, people started moving towards action and comedy movies.

But slowly and slowly, Bollywood started shifting towards narrating a real-life tale. Many people have the fear of History subject in their childhood. So what better way to educate them on their history than their favorite past time? Indeed, people now are getting more aware of India’s history thanks to these Bollywood movies. Whether it is the famous sports personalities or Mughal history, Bollywood has started covering everything. And all the people are strongly supporting this.

Actors Promoting True Stories

Akshay Kumar is one of the actors who is strongly promoting such kind of movies. He entered Bollywood as an Action hero, with his Khiladi movies. Then he moved on to doing Comedy genre. All his comedy movies were huge hits among the people. And then, the superstar shifted to true story movies. Most of his movies are focused on telling some or the other kind of tale. Where Padman narrates the story of Arunachalam (a Tamil person who works for social awareness causes), Rustom is based on the turn of events in 1959 where the naval officer, K.M. Nanavati, killed his wife’s lover.

Other than Akshay Kumar, many other actors like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Priyanka Chopra, Sushant Singh Rajput, etc. have also worked and are working on real-life stories. A lot many actors have also expressed their interests in doing at least one such movie in their life. The trend is now slowly changing.

Types of Movies Based on True Stories

So far we have been talking about a collective term, that is True Story. But even this can be classified further. There are movies like Azhar, Mary Kom, etc. that narrates the tale of a sportsperson. And then, there are movies like Padmaavat and Manikarnika that give you insights into our history.

So, let’s have a look at various true story movies and their classification:



While some sports movies focus on the famous sports personalities, some cover the popular sports event from history. Nevertheless, both of them have proven to be equally loved by the audience.

Mughal History


History is the worst subject for most of the students. But when you get to see the movie and learn history, both at the same time, would you shy away? Never right? Hence, there would be no doubt in stating that these movies perform hugely at the box office.

Famous personalities


There are many people who have done great deeds in the past. But not many people are aware of them. In that terms, Bollywood has done a great deal to bring forward their stories to millions of people. The things these people have done are not to be forgotten ever. And Bollywood definitely makes sure of that by giving us interesting insights into their lives and how they have made our country proud time and again.

War Stories



This movie showcases the real-life story of 2 army officers, a mentor, and a men...
Box Office India: 17 crores

Over the years, many movies have revolved around wars. While some movies cover India-Pakistan war, some focus on Indo-Sino enmity. The same war stories have been shown by multiple directors. But every time, these movies bring out something new. It does not mean that the story is untrue. It is just that many a time, they are told from a different person’s perspective. But nevertheless, war movies have turned out to be one of the favorite kind for people to know what has happened with India, Pakistan, and China so far.

An event in the past


Some true story movies do not cover any particularly popular personality. Some movies show us a famous event from the history that have shaken our country in positive or negative ways. This list covers all such movies that show incidents which have left a deep mark among people.