Bollywood is known for making movies of different categories. Most of the films are based on adult age groups and all the issues prevalent in the society. But there are some teen movies as well which throw light on the teen age of a person. The life of a teenager is full of challenges and complications as it is the period when a person’s mind develops its own thinking on the basis of our experience.

Here is the list of best teen movies of Bollywood that are based on topics such as career, family, love, and wrong or right decisions of a teenager. Look at the collection below and watch these movies on your favorite streaming source, if you haven’t seen them already. These films will make you live your teen-age again and will remind you of your past experiences.

Best Teen Movies

Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar

Mera Pehle Pehla Pyaar, also known as MP3 revolves around the high-school life and teenage love. It portrays the friendship, confusions, and love during the school time. It released in the year 2007 and starred debutants Rushlaan Mumtaz, Hazel Crowney in the lead roles.

MP3 is a romantic film and has a lot of fun elements to entertain especially the youth generation. This film will definitely make you nostalgic about your teen-age. Also, the film is shot in Paris and has romantic scenes at Eiffel Tower.



Rohan returns from boarding school to find Arjun, the half-brother he never knew...
Box Office India: 3 crores

Udaan is a Hindi movie released in the year 2010. It is based on the feelings of Indian youth and focusses on the ambitions of a teenager. Although the film could not earn well at the box office, the critics acclaimed it as one of the best teen movies of Hindi cinema.

How clearly it portrays the life of a teenager explains the visionary approach of the makers. The appealing storyline of the film, as well as the direction of Vikramaditya Motwane, connects with every moviegoer.

Teree Sang

Tere Sang is a Hindi film based on Teenage pregnancy. It starred Ruslan Mumtaaz as well as the debutant Sheena Shahabadi in the lead roles. The film shows the battle between the lovers and the girl’s family. It also throws light on the mistakes teenagers commit before getting fully mature.

It received a mixed response from the audience and some people called it an inspiration from Preity Zinta’s Kya Kehna. Tere Sang is all about the teenage love and issues associated with it.

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander is a Hindi film based on sports and teenage love. It also shows the challenges a person encounters during the teenage period. This movie is all about friendship, love, enmity, and responsibility in the life of a teen.

Not only the film received a positive response from the audience but also its music became popular. The song, Pehla Nasha is popular among the teenagers even today as it was on its release.

Always Kabhi Kabhi

Always Kabhi Kabhi is based on the life of teen people in the high school. It represented the incident-packed journey of four teenagers during the final year at school. Different feelings of love and friendship are portrayed in the film.

The movie was produced under Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies entertainment. Also, SRK made a special appearance in the song “Antenna”. The critics appreciated the concept of the film but it didn’t receive a warm response at the box office.


Gippi is one of the best teen movies of Bollywood. It is based on the life of a fat girl who doesn’t appreciate herself. The film shows the various aspects of a teen’s life such as romance, friendship, competitions, and transformation. It received mixed reviews from the critics and earned decently at the box office. The movie focuses on the life of all the teens who are facing the issues of low self-esteem.


Sixteen is a Hindi drama thriller based on the life of urban teenagers. It throws light on how overexposure can take away the innocence from the life of teenagers. The reasons for teenage stress is also very well shown in the movie.

It received positive reviews from the critics and also the movie was also appreciated by the audience. Sixteen taught many lessons to not only the teenagers but also to their parents about all the teenage issues.


Mohabbatein is a Hindi musical romantic movie released in the year 2000 and starred the famous actor, Shahrukh Khan. It was all about the feelings of love during the teenage. The movie shows the life of youth during the school time and focusses on the importance of music in one’s life. This movie also gives some of the best learnings in a teacher student relationship.

The film received positive reviews from the critics and it did an excellent earning at the box office. All the songs of Mohabbatein were super hit.

Student of the Year

Karn Johar’s movie, Student of the Year starred three debutants, Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra, and Varun Dhawan in the lead roles. The film is based on friendships, love, and career choices during the high school time. SOTY revolves around the life of urban teenagers and focusses on hostel life of students.

Not only the film earned a big amount at the box office but also the young stars gained popularity after its success. The songs of the movie were super hit. Also, Kajol made a special appearance in this movie. Going by the success of 1st part, makers decided to roll on with its sequel, which stars Tiger Shroff and 2 more newcomers.

This was the list of best teen movies of Bollywood. If you think we skipped any of your favorite movies, then do tell us. For all the interesting posts and box office reports, stay tuned to BOTY.