Every year many new films arrive at the box office. Most of them repeat the same old trend like masala, comedy, and romantic entertainment. Just by following this trend, they are able to get our interest. Almost every film of these categories gets a strong response in the theaters, which gets reflected in its box office collection. On the other hand, there are also some films which display stories based on the real life events but fail to get a positive response from the audience. It seems like most of the people do not like to watch the actual facets of society. Here we have prepared the list of some underrated Bollywood movies which were right regarding their content but failed to earn well.

One primary reason for the failure of such films is the low budget for marketing and promotions. Moreover, these films do not contain the sort of entertaining content, that the audience gets addicted to watching.

Check out the Underrated Bollywood Movies List, pick one to watch, and enjoy them.

Underrated Bollywood Movies of All Time:

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Mumbai Meri Jaan is a drama film based on the Mumbai Train Bombing in the year 2006. In that tragic incident, around 200 people lost their lives, and about 700 people were injured. It was a low budget film and failed to earn good box office collection. The film received many awards but was unable to attract good number of footfall to the theaters.

A Wednesday

It is a thriller film based on the terror incident in Mumbai city. The film was critically acclaimed by all the famous Bollywood reviewers and also received excellent ratings. The storyline of the film was so good that it was made again in Tamil and Telugu languages. A Wednesday won many awards for its quality content, but it failed to get a substantial response from the audience at the box office.

Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe is a political thriller film based on a severe incident which changed the history of our nation. The film was able to get positive reviews from the leading critics of Bollywood and also won many awards. But it only managed to get above average response at the box office. It succeeded to get a healthy response in its first week but failed to do well in its second week. That can mainly be attributed to the competition from other new releases.


Aamir is a psychological crime thriller based film directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. It was a very finely directed and critically acclaimed film. But it failed to earn an excellent collection in its first week because of new faces in it. However, it made decent money in the subsequent weeks.

Black Friday

The film was about 1993 Bombay Blast case and hence got involved in some significant controversies. The topic was so sensitive that it failed to get the permission of its release for three years. Later, when the accused were convicted of the crime, it released at the box office. It received much appreciation from all over the world for its quality content. But the film failed to collect much money at the Indian box office.

Black & White

It is Anil Kapoor starrer film based on Afghan suicide bomber. Upon its release, it received positive reviews from the critics and even premiered at international level. However, it also repeated the same old story as other similar films and failed to attract a considerable number of footfall to its theaters.

Johnny Gaddaar

The next movie which comes under underrated bollywood movies is Johnny Gaddar. It was a debut film of Neil Nitin Mukesh, and he also received an award for his negative role in the movie. Despite being a good film, it failed to get a robust response at the box office. Since the story was good, it was remade in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam languages. The film’s music was a hit, and the movie was nominated for many awards.

Kabul Express

Kabul Express was an excellent adventure film based on the reporting experience of two reporters. It faced controversy in Afghanistan before its release.The film received mixed reviews from the critics and earned decent box office opening.

8 x10 Tasveer

8*10 Tasveer is Akshay Kumar’s psychology thriller film. It was unable to get an influential opening. It faced competition from the Hollywood release, fast & furious. The film failed to perform well at the box office because it was not promoted well and the audience failed to understand it well.

Kadvi Hawa

Kadvi Hawa was based on the effect of climate change on the lives of people living in Odisha. The film gained positive reviews from the critics but failed to collect even decent box office collection. So, it joined the list of underrated Bollywood movies.