American film industry is referred to as Hollywood which produces films in the English language. It’s the biggest & the first film producing industry worldwide. Following it, there emerged many more film industries. But even now, the American film industry produces the finest films. If we talk about any specific genre of horror, Hollywood Horror Movies are the most fearful as compared to any scary movie of other film industry.

Apart from the horror movies, Hollywood is the biggest producer as well the birthplace of the movies of other genres too. Undoubtedly, the most amazing movies including some best serial killer movies are made in this film industry. Either its rom-com or action-thriller, people admire it to the fullest.

Why are Hollywood horror movies the best?

Like The American film industry, there are many more film industries which make the scary movie. Some of them namely Canadian film industry & UK film industry are the makers of the same language. But, Hollywood horror movies are the best defending all. As a result, it’s the hub of the scariest horror films. It produces numerous new horror films per year.

Apart from this, Bollywood, Tollywood & Kollywood are also one of the biggest hubs of the scary movie. Most of the time, horror films of these film industries seem to be the copy of any other flick. Sometimes, those scariest horror movies fail to frighten the audience due to its repetitive & boring content. On the other hand, horror films of American film industry are most creative with unique content in every scary movie. This clarifies that Hollywood horror movies are the best to watch if you are waiting for new horror movies.

Some famous directors & actors of Hollywood horror movies

There are many American filmmakers who are indulged in making scary movies. Some of the prominent directors namely James Wan, Tobe Hooper, Roman Polanski & many more have made scariest horror movies such as Conjuring, Insidious, Poltergeist, etc. These were so effective that further many sequels were made further. Almost 3-4 sequels were made to Conjuring & Insidious.

Korean Film industry is also famous for making Horror Movies. Many Hollywood movies are inspired from Korean Dramas. You can watch some Korean movies online at and we will soon be making a list of top 50 Korean horror movies as well.

In Hollywood, many established actors worked in horror films. Many of them even started off their career with the scary movies. Johnny Depp made his debut with one of the top horror movies, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Like him, there are many more actors like Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, George Clooney, Hilary Swank, etc who have appeared in Hollywood horror movies.

BOTY has created a list of some top & scariest horror movies. Check out the best scary movie.