Hollywood and Bollywood are full of excellent and talented actors. While some are from the native countries itself, many here are also inherently Jews. In this article, I will list down few of the talented actors who are Jewish. If you are an avid follower of Jew community, or like to read a Jewish blog from time to time, you are going to really love knowing that these actors are from the very same community.

Zac Efron

Yes, this popular actor of High School Musical franchise is a born Jew. He belongs to a Jewish ancestry. The last name of this actor means “lark” in Hebrew. This is one of the facts about Zac Efron which not many of his fans knew. No matter how many times you read this fact, it is still hard to believe, right?

Kat Dennings

This ‘2 Broke Girls’ actress, who also starred in Thor movies (Thor and Thor the Dark World), also belongs to the Jewish community. She was born Katherine Litwack, and bagged the 1st role as an actor in 2000 in HBO’s ‘Sex and the City’. She is not practicing Jew, rather, Judaism runs in her family history.

Scarlett Johansson

Popular as the Black Widow, Scarlett is also a Jewish. Though she prefers being quiet about her personal life, she did accept about being Jewish while talking about her bonding with Woody Allen on the sets of ‘Match Point’. She speaks, “We have a lot in common. We’re New Yorkers, Jewish.”

Mila Kunis

The star of ‘Friends with Benefits’, ‘Black Swan’, and ‘Ted’, Mila Kunis is also proud to be a Jew. After her grand parents were killed in the holocaust, she and her family was not allowed to practice Judaism while in USSR. But she and her family were lucky enough to escape the terror of Ukraine, when they landed in Los Angeles in 1991 and Mila bagged her 1st role as an actor. Though she is not trained in practicing Judaism, she is very proud of it.

First Published on: 13:48 pm - 15, May 2019
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