In 2023, no one will refuse to get Bitcoin, or at least a small part of it. The demand and price of digital gold are steadily growing, despite periodic price drops. Most people are stopped only by the fact that buying Bitcoin is expensive. It will be cheaper to mine BTC.

No, this is not about individual mining. Everyone knows how unreasonably expensive the purchase of computing power is. Also, mining takes a lot of electricity, no one will be happy with huge bills. The solution is cloud mining. The user pays only a commission for renting equipment, and then receives a percentage of the mined Bitcoins. Traders Union experts analyzed the best companies offering cloud mining services. Thanks to the rating published on the Traders Union website, the user will be able to draw the right conclusions and will not fall into the hands of scammers. According to the Traders Union, the first three places went to StormGain, ECOS, and Genesis Mining. 


StormGain is the only company offering free mining. This means that the user does not pay for the service and does not invest in the company in any way until the mining is successful. And only after the successful extraction of Bitcoin, the company takes its percentage or commission. This is about 10% of the user reward, depending on the capacities used.

Signing up for StormGain takes only five seconds. The company provides on-the-go mining capabilities by supporting apps for iOS and Android.  According to Traders Union, StormGain customers are also offered low trading fees, fast bank card deposits, and various bonuses. In addition, there is a comprehensive educational program for beginners. 


The ECOS mining center is located in a free economic zone in Armenia. This significantly reduces the tax burden on miners, making cooperation with ECOS more profitable for the client. The information about the company indicates that the equipment is purchased from the industry leader – Bitmain. ECOS promises daily reward payments, a convenient choice of payment systems, and a user-friendly interface.  

Genesis Mining 

The Genesis Mining company was established in 2013. At the moment of writing, Genesis Mining is one of the world’s largest cloud-mining companies. Despite quite a large minimum deposit of $500, the company offers very profitable conditions. Different types of miners can choose from their wide range of cryptocurrency mining options, including newbies, family miners, and large investors. The client’s wallet address will be credited with daily mining profits. It is possible to mine several cryptocurrencies at once. Monthly maintenance fees are absent.

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