Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar accumulated a very good collection on its third Saturday. Precisely speaking, it showed a jump of over 70% which helped it earn over ₹3 crores. Now, at least this level of growth is expected from it on its third Sunday as well. So, Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar’s 3rd Sunday collection is likely to be around ₹3.5 crores.

This has come when the new Hollywood release John Wich 4 is ruling the box office. The other film, Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway also fared well on its second Saturday as it almost doubled up yesterday.

The new Bollywood release Bheed is not in question as it has failed to attract even a decent audience to its theatres. Now, let’s dive deep into the big-screen journeys of these films and dissect what they are up to.

Tu Jhooothi Main Makkaar is Likely to Growth Over 80% on its 3rd Sunday

TJMM has gained good momentum and it is holding steady in the theatres. Though it didn’t see much growth over the first few days, it has recovered well over the weekends. Now, it’s the third weekend and the film again witnessed a very good growth of over 70% on the third Saturday.

Now, the third Sunday collection of the film is going to see an even bigger percentage of growth. Surely, it will add around ₹3.5 crores on its 19th day. This will help it push Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar’s total box office collection to nearly ₹130 crores.

Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar movie still

Until now, TJMM has earned over ₹125 crores which is not a very good collection for a film of this genre. But given the poor performances of films post-pandemic, it is really a very good effort by it.

Now, this is the last week for the film to do well as there will be the new release Bholaa the next Friday. Evidently, it will steal screens from the holdover releases. Moreover, it will present stiff competition for them which would make it difficult for them to earn well.

So, it is a must for Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar to do well on the weekdays. If it manages to do so, it will be able to leave the theatres on a positive note. Analyzing the kind of performance the film has delivered so far, it has given a sense of confidence to the filmmakers working in this genre.

Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway Grows Well Over the Second Weekend

Rani Mukherjee’s film, Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway has done well until now. Especially, the weekend performances of the film are commendable. It witnessed almost 100% growth on its second Saturday. It helps it keep a high expectation for its second Sunday as well.

Surely, there will be a big jump today as well and it will take its total collection to nearly ₹15 crores. It is the second Monday test that the film has to pass to emerge victorious at the box office.

Rani Mukherjee in Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway

Given that it is a low-budget film, it has already recovered its costs. And it has received a positive response from the audience on various fronts.

John Wick 4 Strong but Bheed is a Disaster

The Hollywood film, John Wick 4, has earned a very good amount from paid reviews and the box office. The two-day total of the film stands around ₹9 crores and it is expected to do well on the first Sunday as well.

After the first weekend, the film will have a total of over ₹15 crores. Clearly, it has done better than its earlier parts as their total wasn’t even crossed the mark of ₹15 crores in theaters.

Bheed is a disaster film as it has failed to attract even a respectable number of footfalls in the first two days. The black & white film has failed to understand the audience’s demands in terms of its content and movie style.

So, this was all about the box office collections of all the currently running movies. I will come up with more updates about these films as soon as they are out.

First Published on: 13:20 pm - 26, Mar 2023
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