Tubelight had a flat first week at the box office. It started off with 21 crores Friday and the collections remained almost the same till Monday with No ups and downs. The first major drop of around 40% came on Tuesday. And then the drops became significant. Overall the film lost a lot of Money at various Centers, especially Single Screens where theater owners lost up to Rs. 10 Lakh each.

Daily Collections

  • Friday – Rs. 21.15 crores
  • Saturday – Rs. 21.17 crores
  • Sunday – Rs. 22.45 crores
  • Monday – Rs. 19.09 crores
  • Tuesday – Rs. 12 crores
  • Wednesday – Rs. 6.50 crores
  • Thursday – Rs. 4.50 crores

Total = Rs. 106.86 crores

This is not an impressive figure. If everything was normal and the film was a little better, then the collections would have easily touched 160 or even 170 crore mark. unfortunately, no-one can control the fate of a movie. Sometimes this happens, and fans, producers & distributors must be prepared for it. Tubelight May become the top grosser of 2017, but that is very less likely.

Second Weekend

There is limited hope for the coming weekend. There are no major releases scheduled, still, the movie is expected to underperform. But let’s see how much does it underperform. As per our estimates, the Second Weekend should not go beyond 12.5 crores.


First Published on: 11:38 am - 30, Jun 2017
Author: author image Rohit Tripathi
Rohit is the Founder of BOTY. He loves reporting latest box office collection of various movies.
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