Tubelight teaser is been released on 4th May (Thursday night) and it has already won millions of hearts. The trailer is amazing which shows the innocence nature of Salman Khan. All the fans of the actor and others whoever have seen the teaser said that it touched their hearts deeply and brought tears in many eyes. They have also went on to say that this movie featuring Salman Khan and his brother Sohail Khan will be a real hit which is going to be the next Bahubali definitely.

Not just the fans rather many others from the industry have praised the teaser while Karan Johar has said that this is what called a teaser which promises to be a brilliant movie. The teaser is full of emotion while many of Salman’s fan have stated that they started crying while watching the teaser.

Salman Khan played a kid like role in Tubelight and Sohail Khan, his real life brother plays the character of his brother in the movie as well who went missing during the Indo-china war.

The teaser managed to receive more than millions view in just two hours. And now all are eagerly waiting for the movie to hit the theaters.

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