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Start Date: 12 October, 1995
End Date: 4 August, 2015
Total Episodes556
Lead Cast,
Supporting Cast Deepak Deulkar, Anand Goradia, Nikhil Dewan, Reena Kapoor, Shishir Sharma, Anant Jog, Amit Jog
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Plot Summary

Aahat is a horror thriller which was one of the longest-running series on television. Each episode of this serial had a unique ghost story portrayed by the different cast. There are 556 episodes of this series which is divided into 6 seasons.

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Peak Active Viewers450000
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Garima Singh
Rated 74/100
If you love to watch horror series based on supernatural powers & paranormal activities, Aahat is one of that kind. Every episode of Aahat has an interesting & unique story.

More About Aahat

Aahat was one of the longest-running series on television which ran for almost 20 years. The 556 episodes of this show are divided into 6 seasons. Furthermore, each season narrates a different story based on paranormal activities & supernatural powers. The first season started in the year 1995. After its grand success, makers decided to make more seasons of it. But the further seasons were not that popular as compared to the first one. What makes it more different from other horror series is that each story has been portrayed by the different cast. Also, there is a buzz that the seventh season is in making.

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